Some Pretty Sweet Diablo III Fan Art

Other than all the commercials you’re probably seeing for Max Payne 3, the other game that’s getting everyone’s attention right now is Diablo III.  It’s set to be released early next week so get out your wallets.   From what I’ve heard the game seems pretty promising.

And from what I’ve seen, even more so.   I don’t remember seeing much fan art or fan obsession for the other two games.  Is that just me?   I don’t know.  Maybe three times the charm?  We’re seeing crazy trailers, cosplay, you name it.  Speaking of fan made stuff, we got some great fanart for Diablo III.

Check it out after the jump…..

We’d like to thank the users at Deviant Art for these amazing creations.   We did a gallery format here so you could see pics full size.

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