Hogwarts Legacy: Merlin Trials Solution Guide

Hogwarts Legacy is teeming with secrets and activities to find. One of the most enigmatic is the Merlin Trials. These are generally activities, or challenges, that can optionally be solved while exploring the map. Even though players absolutely don’t need to complete any of them, it’s still a good idea to at least try. Successfully completing a Merlin Trial will reward players with additional inventory slots to help out with carrying gear. The trick is that every challenge will require a specific spell to solve. So, this side-activity will be a constant variable throughout the entire playthrough. Any player with keen eyes will see these little riddles copiously at the beginning of the game.

Find the first Merlin Trial in Hogwarts Legacy after conversing with Natty located at the Lower Hogsfield. This is when the “Trials of Merlin” activity will officially commence. Nora Treadwell will usher in the first trial and basically show players how these types of quests work. In this particular case, she will tell players to “place Mallowsweet” on a certain altar to activate every challenge. This will open up a pathway with a plethora of other challenges to solve throughout the world of Harry Potter. These side-quests are located within nine regions of the map. Look for a black and white leaf icon on the map to locate a Merlin Trial.

How To Complete The Merlin Trials

  • Repairing Pillars

Using the Reparo spell will re-configure crumbled stone pillars which will be scattered in particular places on the map. They usually come in groups of three, so have a lookout for them. Sometimes, they will hide behind grass or foliage to throw players off.

  • Magic Ball

The Wingurdiam Leviosa Spell is needed to pick up the ball and dunk it into a hole in the ground.

  • Catching Moths

Using the Lumos Spell will drive the moths to a nearby Moonstone Pillar. They can be a bit scattered sometimes, so going off the beaten path to find them all might be warranted.

  • Stone Balls

Use the Accio Spell to navigate a group of small stone balls into a nearby hole in the ground. They come in three groups and sometimes they will hide. So, be sure to search the area thoroughly.

  • Detonating Rocks

This trial will point out certain rocks by highlighting them. Use the Confringo Spell to blow them up.

  • Parkour Tricks

Activating this particular Merlin Trial will cause certain rocks to glow. This will be an “obstacle course” where players must parkour across the rocks without touching the ground. Players will not need a spell, here. This is just an old-fashioned platforming segment.

  • Marked Cubes

Look for two cubes with distinct symbols etched into them on top of each other. Match up the symbols to solve this challenge. The Flipendo Spell will rotate the top cube, which will eventually line up with the symbols on the bottom which will solve this puzzle.

  • Igniting Torches

Either Confringo or Incendio will light a number of torches that are erected from the ground. Once this activity started, there will be a timer before the torches disappear.

  • Destroying Orbs

This particular trail is pretty straightforward. Use the Accio Spell to pick up a ball and slam it on top of a pillar. Do this nine times to complete the trial. The balls will be in three groups pilled onto each other near the vicinity.

Merlin Trials Locations

There are roughly a total of 95 Merlin Trials to find in Hogwarts Legacy. Some will appear just by playing the story, however, there are quite a few tucked away throughout the map. Use the broomstick to properly explore the map. Thus, utilizing the Revelio Spell will also help out with locating all of these activities. Always use Mallowsweet to turn on the trails at the altars.

Therefore, try and have plenty of seeds in the inventory before heading out. The merchant over at Hogsmeade tends to have some in stock. Thus, growing some over at the Room of Requirement is also an alternative. Purchase any type of potting table and plant a seed into the soil. It takes about 10 minutes for it to grow. Fertilizers will also be needed to help grow these plants. Both pots and fertilizer can be purchased from Tomes and Scrolls vendors. Not to mention that Dung Composters is another place to find more fertilizer if needed.

The locations to find all the Merlin Trials are:

  • South Sea Bog

This area will hold a hefty 15 trials that are waiting to be found.

  • North Ford Bog

This region will only have 4 trials.

  • Hogwarts Valley

About 16 trials are hiding in this part of the map.

  • Forbidden Forest

This forest has three trials tucked away.

  • Hogsmeade Valley

Five trails are within this valley.

  • South Hogwarts

A robust 15 trails are scattered in this part of the map.

  • North Hogwarts

Here is where players will locate five trials.

  • Feldcroft

A large list of 16 trials is found here.

  • Poidsear Coast

A total of 10 trials are awaiting at the coast.

  • Manor Cape

This area only has 5 trials.

  • Cragcroftshire

Another 5 trials are found here.

  • Marunweem Lake

There will be four trails hidden throughout this area.

  • Clagmar Coast

This last area also has 5 trials.


Some of these trials will be fundamentally easy to locate, while others will require some work. Play the main story and unlock more advanced spells to successfully complete all of the trials. There will be quite a lot of backtracking involved. Find 54 Merlin Trials to reach the maximum of gear slots. Of course, a Trophy/Achievement will be unlocked if every single one of these trials is finished. So, there is a lot of work in this game to do for all those completionists out there. Complete a Merlin Trial successfully by checking behind objects and within overgrowth. Sometimes, balls moths, and even pillars will be hiding in plain sight. Hogwarts Legacy is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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