Paying the Iron Price in Diablo 3

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Between my review and Dave’s post, this is turning into Diablo 3 day here on Unreality. And I can’t say I can complain about that.

Nor can I pass up this combination of Game of Thrones and Diablo, which further illustrates the point I’ve made about how the Auction House feels like cheating, even if it isn’t. It’s a lot more satisfying to get your own gear from kills (the paying the iron price) rather than buying it outright from someone else who did the hard work (the gold price). That said, the AH is now an inherent part of the game, and is almost necessary to progress in later difficulties unless you want to spend a few extra hundred hours hoping that the gear you find surpasses your own.

It’s just a…strange system, and I’m not sure how I feel about it.

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  1. I like the idea for “end game” but I don’t plan on using it much for leveling because I know none of that equipment will stick around for more than a few levels, so unless it is really cheap (i.e. than using blacksmith to make random equipment) I don’t plan on using it.

    The reason why it is good for late game/max level is if you can’t find anything good, but you happen to farm a ton of gold you can buy something useful at least.

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