The Littlest Browncoat

I guess I missed this from a Comic Con past, but I absolutely love this picture of Nathan Fillion getting his day made by a young Firefly fan. Anyone have audio of the actual question being asked? And is Fillion giving him something or just trying to shake his hand?

You know, I always had an idea for a sequel Firefly show where it was the children of the original crewmembers. You’d have the offspring of Wash and Zoe, Mal and Saffron and Simon and Kaylee to start with. Throw in one of Jayne’s bastards and a mini-clone of River, and you’ve got yourself most of a cast! Tell me that’s not a good idea…

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  1. With the popularity of Whedon’s The Averangers, it’s possible there will be another push toward getting Firefly season 2 on Netflix. There was a pretty big push for that when Netflix started picking up seasons of showsthat networks had dropped, and I think it would be awesome to show the crew of the Firefly 10 years later still doing what they do. They would, of course, need to retcon Harper and the Shepherd’s deaths, but that’s a relatively easy fix since we never technically saw Harper die (same with Agent Coulson in The Avengers, who sources are saying is in Iron Man 3. Remember, it was Coulson who told Fury that the team needed more motivation, then Fury told the Avengers that Coulson didn’t make it. The doctors never said he died)

  2. Wheldon stated their won’t be a season two of Firefly. His words “First, you have to get Castle cancelled. Than you have to get everyone’s stuff cancelled.”

    Now, the future with their kids is an interesting idea.

  3. Whoa whoa whoa, Mal and *Saffron*? How about Mal and Inara?? I doubt that Mal and Saffron would ever actually have any type of romantic future together…

  4. Ah! I am pretty sure I was there. This looks like the Castle panel at Comic Con 2010. I’m pretty sure Nathan Fillion is giving the kid something. He gave something to almost everyone who asked a question. I can’t remember what was asked, but I think he walked up to the mic with a parent and Nathan asked the kid to come forward.

  5. Great picture loved the series.

    off topic and responding to Grand Wazoo. Agent Coulson did die that was very apparent. Although I liked his character it was a good move to make him a casualty in the movie.

  6. @Ender88

    John Favreau said explicitly that Coulson is alive and well in Iron Man 3…. Also, how was it apparent? Coulson says, “It wouldn’t work anyway boss, they need something to motivate them,” when fury tells him to hold on and that dying wasn’t an option. Then pan over to fury looking all pensive, and the med staff runs over. The next thing is fury over the intercom saying Coulson is dead. I’ve seen the movie 7 times, I know that scene pretty well.

  7. The idea with their kids sounds workable, but it’s one of those pitches where the execution makes all the difference. You could end up with the live action, sci-fi equivalent of Tiny Toons or you could end up with Muppet Babies (that, IMHO, being the bad one although I fully expect some faction may take up for a MBs’ defense).

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