10 Geeky Accessories Made out of Recycled Stuff

Geeky Accessories

Don’t get me wrong, I’m an advocate of recycling.   I think it’s great to help clean up our environment and not put so many things to waste.  But can’t we draw a line somewhere?  I mean do we have to save everything?  It’s not like I really need my glow in the dark Kirk Cameron bobby pins much longer.

OK maybe I need those but I think you guys get my point.  However, some folks out there don’t want to let anything go.  And when they don’t, they turn these nostalgic little gems into something new.

Check out these 10 geeky accessories made out of recycled stuff

 Johnny 5 Earrings

Geeky Accessories

For when you want to think of the movie Short Circuit and Batteries not Included

This Motorcycle

Geeky Accessories

For no reason whatsoever.

Keyboard Sneakers

Geeky Accessories

To impress everyone in the computer lab, not on the basketball court.

The NES Controller iPod Dock

Geeky Accessories

Everyone should still have an NES Controller in the house

Ink Cartridge Lamp Shade

Geeky Accessories

Jesus some people are incredibly dorky

RAM Chip Earrings

Geeky Accessories

And I thought the ink cartridge people were dorks

NES Cartridge Clock

Geeky Accessories

Couldn’t you have gotten a better game than Days of Thunder?

The Darth Vader Money Clip

Geeky Accessories

Dirty Money

The Bicycle Wheel Clock

Geeky Accessories

I got nothing

Storm Trooper Cufflinks

Geeky Accessories

You’ll be a hit at every single star wars convention

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