Five Appropriately Titled Blockbuster Signs

Blockbuster Signs

Some may feel this is the beginning of the end for Blockbuster as they continue to shut down store after store.  However I say the end of Blockbuster Video started the second Napster came out and these guys didn’t see any of this coming.

And frankly that was like over 10 years ago.  You would think that maybe in the last 5 years as P2P has been rising and online rentals taking over that they might make some adjustments?

Sure maybe they’re doing some things now on that end but personally I think it’s too late for these guys.  I feel for those lower on the poles losing their jobs but as far as the company going down?  They’re idiots.

As such I’ve located 5 Blockbuster signs that make a whole lot of sense.

“Giving up”

Blockbuster Signs


Blockbuster Signs

“The Title We’ve All Been Waiting For”

Blockbuster Signs

“This IS Goodbye”

Blockbuster Signs

“Told ya So”

Blockbuster Signs

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  1. I worked for Blockbuster when I was in college and let me tell you there is no company on earth that deserves to go out of business more. They paid us next to nothing and treated us like crap. My prime example of how terrible they were is this:

    While I was working there their policy was to hire people at .25 over minimum wage. After I’d been there for a few months the minimum wage was raised so I was bumped up to the new minimum wage, however they kept hiring at .25 above minimum wage so every new hire was making more than I was.

    I’ve really never been happier to see a company failing.

  2. Netflix started unlimited rentals with a monthly fee in 2000. Redbox started $1.00/day rentals in 2003 and Gamefly started around that time too. Blockbuster had 10 years – an entire effing decade – to fight them but didn’t. Zero pity here.

  3. all those years of getting ripped off by blockbuster with late fees and other bullshit, I am so happy that this company is going down the tubes. I hope they keep there by mail buzz just to keep netflex from raising there prices.

    But after getting a PS3 and using netflex for blue-ray discs made me so frustrated cuz of all the non skipping ads and promo on each disc. Plus netflex disables all the bonus features on there movies. So I canceled my subscription.

    I use my Apple TV to stream all my content to my big screen, you can guess where I get most of it.

    When the movie studies give me a disc that just play the movie when I hit play and not a load of shit I can skip I will cont to stream and download my content.

  4. Blockbuster is a lot like the music industry. Nothing but a bunch of stodgy old men sitting around watching technology pass them by. When they finally realize what’s going on it’s to late. Then they blame all their problems on other people. Bunch of morons.

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