Ten Interesting Interpretations of the Pink Panther

Pink Panther

A hundred bucks says that everyone reading this is going to start humming the Pink Panther theme song for the rest of the day.   Worse things can happen so don’t sweat it.    It’s not like you’ll be humming weird Lady Gaga songs for the remainder of this session.  Well actually that’s not so bad either.

OK, back to the Pink Panther.  Aside from an extremely annoying Steve Martin movie, the Pink Panther is about as badass as they come for any cartoon that features a pink character.  He’s slick, crafty, and come on, he’s a panther.

It’s interesting however to see how fans in this day and age have come to interpret the panther.  Here are 10 cool examples…

“L” as Pink Panther

Pink Panther

The Legend of Pink

Pink Panther

The Man Panther

Pink Panther

Pimp Panther

Pink Panther

Gangsta Panther

Pink Panther

Logan Panther

Pink Panther

Puma Panther

Pink Panther

Slick Panther

Pink Panther

Sexy Panther

Pink Panther

Action Movie Panther

Pink Panther

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  1. “Gangsta Panther” is more hip hop/ breaker panther…
    Gangstas can’t bang with a beat box on their shoulders.

    But anywho… The last one was pretty cool.

  2. Hi

    Could you please let me know who did The Action Movie Pink Panther, at the bottom of the list of pictures? I want to use it for a piece of music. It’s going to be getting a lot of promotion and airplay, so I need the perfect picture to go with with it. I’ll give the artist credit, and a token payment, if they let me use it.

    I’ve took the liberty of putting it on my SoundCloud just so the artist can have a look and listen at the same time. If they don’t want me to use it I’ll take it off straight away.

    All the best for now, and hope to hear from someone about this soon.



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