Internet Browsers as Pretty Ladies

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A browser is perhaps the most significant choice you can make when using your computer, and your decisions says a lot about you as a tech user. Some would argue that there are good and bad choices, but others would say they are all beautiful in their own way. And so this picture came into existence.

The artist is Moie Preisenberger, and she’s managed to bring out the beauty in every browser, even Internet Explorer which you would have expected to be bloated and wearing a blue garbage bag. But no, even she’s given a fair shot, though she is overshadowed by her more colorful counterparts.

Which browser do you use? Why? Personally, I love Chrome, but there are so many tiny problems with it (can’t resize pictures while blogging) that I have to use Firefox for some stuff as well.

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  1. Why is opera so damn big? hahaha.. And safari looks like she just bled out..

    I use Chrome at home and Firefox at work. Being a blogger as well, I understand the Firefox thing… come on already and let us resize stuff!

  2. I’m having the damndest time getting YouTube to work on Firefox and Chrome at home (my Mac) so I’ve gone back to Safari for it. Funny thing is it works fine at work on Firefox.

    It would be simply lovely if the “default” browser was no longer IE though. So many web-based forms and specific work-related software I have to use are only built for IE, and it drives me nuts.

  3. Chrome is actually better than firefox in most ways except that there a few things it just can’t do, which makes the best choice imo to just have chrome and firefox, which incidentally have all the same settings and bookmarks anyway. Ie is actually pretty decent now, but it already sucks in mine and everyone else’s minds forever. More tech saavy people usually have always hated IE, and less tech saavy people get told about other browsers and just automatically think it’s more badass (Because face it, it is. You remember the first time you used a different browser?). There is no reason to use safari on pc because it’s weird and not designed for it, not to say it doesn’t work just fine. And W.T.F. Et Tu Opera? It used to be awesome, it was like the “old chrome”, slightly better than firefox in many ways due to activex ctrls but it sucks because in the end, they mimicked that function and made the whole reason we liked it in the first place moot.

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