Gamer Certificate (Comic)


Artist Camila Torrano made this funny comic regrading the ridiculous lines of questioning and accusations of being ‘fake’ that girl gamers often face.

“Unfortunately, even in these days, girls are still subject to mocking and disbelief when they admit to liking Videogames. When a girl says she likes a game in particular, lots of guys make fun of her, saying her passion is not big enough and question the depth of her knowledge, her playing skills. And hardly a man goes through the same “questioning”, after all just for being born a male he surely knows his games.”

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  1. I go through the same questioning being a girl by guys who have only played COD. I don’t even try to bother reasoning with them, but it is fun to see the look on their faces when they find out most of the games in the house are mine and not my husband’s. (he’s not much of a gamer.)

      1. I am drawing from my own experience on this. I can’t count the number of times I was completely ignored because I’m female. And then, ten minutes later a guy says the same thing I was trying to and everyone listens.

    1. personality it was hard to find a women that like video game, no women talk about it until after high school, if most girl talk more about video game, it will be easier accept.

  2. I thought it was attractive for a girl to game. I only asked what games she played in the hopes of one we could play together.
    Now I’ll BRB as I go play Halo 2 with my wife, then spend 6 hours watching her beat a single man in skyrim… just because she could.

  3. any kind of gaming is not gender locked. i have 4 friends tht are a better gaming nerd then i am. tht is not including my cousin who is plays dragon age, skyrim and metal gear solid.

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