Static Shock Grows Up

static shock 2

It’s been a while since Static Shock has even crossed my mind. A decade, or more perhaps. I didn’t exactly go wild for the show as he just couldn’t live up to the mythos of Batman and Superman, but did catch a few episodes on occasion.

If the artwork above looks like what might happen if Alex Ross tried to remake Static Shock, that’s because that’s exactly what’s happen. This is indeed a piece of work from Ross, though I don’t imagine a full series is coming. Still, very cool to see.


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  1. I’m pretty sure that’s Jakeem Thunder, the Grant Morrison take on Johnny Thunder from the golden age JSA.

    Geoff Johns also used him for a run on JSA and I think this image is a cover from that series.

    At the same time, Static and Jakeem would make a pretty decent electric duo.

  2. Not Static – that’s Jakeem Thunder, Johny Thunder’s successor from the Justice Society. Old work, no less awesome than any other piece of work by Ross

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