Which Heroes Will Die In The Marvel Civil War?


The Marvel Civil War is probably one of my least favorite comic arcs that Marvel has ever produced. I just want to make sure that everyone is clear on where I stand with this. While the idea of tackling relevant modern day issues was provocative, I was never able to really buy into all of my favorite heroes battling one another. I trudged through the pages of the limited series and felt that for all the turmoil and destruction that was caused it all seemed a bit silly. It was as if the heroes themselves were completely unaware of what the ultimate price the war would cost them in the end.

With Marvel Studios only owning rights to certain key players involved in the Civil War event it begs the question, will they kill off any of these characters? If so, which ones will they kill off and will it be reflected in the movies that are already scheduled to be released? Let’s go through a quick list of who might part ways with the Marvel Cinematic Universe shall we.

SPOILER ALERT! (I did you the courtesy of warning you ahead of time)

Steve Rogers/Captain America

Captain America Civil War

In April of 2007 the death of Captain America made national news! I’m not kidding, it was on the Today show, and the evening news. In my mind, if anyone is going to die in this event, Cap has to be the one to bite the bullet indefinitely. People argue that this can’t happen because the rest of the Avenger films that are already slated to release will need to have Cap in them, but let me remind you that there are other people who could and do eventually become Captain America.

Tony Stark/Iron Man

Iron Man Civil War

Though Tony never dies within the Civil War story, I could see his name being on the chopping block. Problem here is that Robert Downey Jr. has done for Iron Man what Heath Ledger did for the Joker and I’m not sure Iron Man could ever be the same if they killed him off. RDJ has said many times over that he doesn’t want to be Iron Man forever, he already ruled out any possibility of Iron Man 4 ever happening. They also wouldn’t necessarily need him moving forward within the movies to come. (even though the Avengers are rarely seen without Iron Man present)

Natasha Romanova/Black Widow

Black Widow Civil War

Black Widow has had her hand in quite a few films now and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Could her story be coming to it’s untimely demise? Granted within the context of the Civil War, Natasha’s well being never seems to be in harm’s way but that doesn’t mean that the cinematic side of things could really stir something up. Hell, will Black Widow make it out of the Avengers: Age of Ultron?

Clint Barton/Hawkeye


I’m not going to butter this one up, Hawkeye in the grand scheme of things is completely and utterly expendable. Unless they decide to actually delve more into his character and give the audience something to bite into, I doubt that Hawkeye makes it out of the Age of Ultron, but if he does, I bet you he won’t make it past the Civil War.

Did I miss anyone that you might think could be given the axe?

The thing about the Civil War story is that it involved the X-Men, Wolverine, Fantastic Four, and Spiderman! But like I mentioned before, thanks to Marvel Studios only having rights to a hand full of characters we don’t truly know everyone that will be involved which only limits our ability to guess at who could bite the dust. If they could somehow find a common ground with Sony and 20th Century Fox then we could put up a number of characters that could be squandered. I hope that the big wigs of the movie and comic world can come to some kind of cash agreement in order for us to get the proper Civil War as depicted within the comics. Otherwise I’m fearful that all it’s going to be is a war among the Avengers themselves, and no one wants to pay to see that.


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  1. The X-Men officially sat the Civil War out as I remember it, which was weird since the Superhuman Registration Act was basically an expanded version of the Mutant Registration Act. Nobody has to die and I don’t think the Marvel cinematic universe is expansive enough to do this storyline justice, much less kill off Avengers. It was a great idea for a story, although it wasn’t hand;ed as well as it could have been. Having heroes fight each other for flimsy reasons is a thoroughly classic comic trope and dividing heroes along the same lines that our country is often divided -over issues of freedom and security- is arguably the most interesting reason to date.

    1. The X-Men as a group did sit the Civil War out but individuals from the group did not. Wolverine, Beast, Bishop, and Storm were all involved just to name a few.

      I agree though, I don’t think that the cinematic realm of what has been created within Marvel’s pictures is large enough to create an expansive “Civil War” as the comics depict. It might just turn out to be an Avengers Civil War rather than a Marvel one. (I tried to lightly elude to this within the post)

      I still think that a death will occur though and will change the way the rest of the line ups play out in the foreseeable future.

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