8 Classic NES Sports Game Intros That Will Stay In Your Head All Week

Double Dribble

It seems as though plenty goes into making the user want to play the game as much as playing the game itself.  In fact game trailers have become as high budget as some short films and tons of commercials.  Millions are spent into enticing gamers everywhere into what they’re about to play.  Same goes for game introductions.  Do you realize how obscene they are right now?  But let’s not think of that.  Let’s take a walk down memory lane.

Remember the days of the 8-Bits where games had a simple theme that stuck with you for weeks?  They weren’t flashy.  They were just awesome.  And for some reason it was always the sports games on NES that seemed to both annoy yet sooth my ears.  If you’ve forgotten these games, believe me, these 8 intros are gonna stick in your head for the next week.

Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!

Double Dribble

Tecmo Bowl

Excite Bike

RBI Baseball

Ice Hockey


California Games

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