The Wolf Among Us is Another Hit for Telltale Games


I recently played the first episode of Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us and I absolutely loved it. Of course, their work on The Walking Dead already proves that they can craft a compelling narrative from famous franchises really well.

I didn’t always feel this way about Telltale since I tried the other games they made like Jurassic Park and Back to the Future. They just weren’t done in the same caliber as compared to The Walking Dead in my personal opinion. The 400 Days expansion was fun to play, but it ultimately lacked the emotional “oomph” present from the main game. 

Thankfully, the first episode of The Wolf Among Us renewed my confidence in Telltale again. This game is based on Bill Willingham’s famous comic Fables published under DC Comics popular imprint Vertigo. It’s similar to ABC’s Once Upon a Time wherein characters from popular fairy tales and folklore are banished to our world. However, Fables is grittier and Willingham did it first.

As someone who has read the comics, this was a wonderful addition to the Fables universe. It also boasts a compelling story line that will leave you wanting for more after every scene. Read on to read more of what I thought about the game and reaction to the plot. Beware of spoilers!


I was really expecting this game to feel like The Walking Dead, but it turned out to be something that would have a flavor of its own. The soundtrack and style were distinctly different. It had this noir aura and the music reminded me of the Ryan Gosling film Drive. The voice actors sound very familiar, like I’ve heard them from The Walking Dead game but I can’t tell who.

The game has its share of technical bugs. The frame rate and freeze issues weren’t much of a bother to me since they didn’t “break” the game for me. It became something that I grew used to as I progressed through the game. The controls were a bit confusing in the beginning. There was no clear instruction on which analog stick I was supposed to move and where to place it. However, players can get the hang of it after the first confrontation so that’s not really something that persists the entire time.


If I’m not mistaken, I read somewhere that The Wolf Among Us was considered canon. That sort of puzzles me because I don’t how or when this fits in the main story line. It has been a long time since I read the comics and I stopped a while back because of I’ve been terribly busy. I also heard that this was a prequel. If so, how is it possible then if Snow died in the end of the episode?

Yes, I know that she is a Fable and it’s kind of hard to kill them. However, Faith should still live if decapitation can’t kill them right? See, this is how good The Wolf Among Us is. Right after the game, I went straight online to chat with my friends about what they thought.

I like the whole mystery of the narrative overall. It gripped me in every scene and I wanted to know more as I played the game. The last scene was really well done, and I almost thought that it was going to be Beauty’s head when I saw the Beat panicking. It was awesome how everything was in slow motion as Bigby made his way towards the commotion. It was as if the game was accentuating the tense feeling both Bigby and the players had within. Everyone didn’t want the head to be Snow but unfortunately it was her. I just had a sweet moment with her and Bigby a few minutes ago!

I also tried to be moderate as Bigby. I tried to control my temper the best that I can. I didn’t want to be a jerk, but I would lash out here and there after exhausting all diplomatic options. How did you play the game, and what did you think of it? Let us know.

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  1. God DAMN it! I skipped over what I thought was the spoilers section and still caught it full in the face. I’m a big Fables fan, but I’m waiting until the whole thing is close to done before I start playing so the wait won’t be so bad once I get started. To answer your question about Snow, Bigby stopped being the sheriff and Fabletown stopped being Fable central a very long time ago in the comics so we can assume this one takes place as kind of a “lost tales” story from early in the series.

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