Debate of the Day: What Game Have You Been the Most Addicted To?

immortal king

It’s happened to all of us at one point or another if you’re an avid enough gamer. Eventually you find a game that simply clicks with you on such a level, you can’t stop playing it. Sometimes, that can just result in a few hundred hours of play and some missed meals. Others? A few THOUSAND hours and some missed months of your life.

Mine? Well, as you can see above, it was Diablo 2. I lost several months of my life to that game as I attempted to acquire armor sets and reach max level. Turns out I’m sort of a sucker for action RPGs like this, and have found similar addictions to Torchlight and Diablo 3. I’m still freaking playing Diablo 3 now. Who does that?

Anyway, I’d be curious to hear about any games you’ve been addicted to, and how serious it was. I’ve heard some real horror stories about having entire lives sucked away by MMOs, which is why I stay away from the genre most of the time.

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  1. Counter-Strike and Delta Force 2 for me. MMO’s have never really been addicting for me, I think it’s because outside of PVP, they aren’t directly competitive against other people/players.

    I get more addicted to multiplayer first person shooters games where I can find satisfaction in destroying 8 year olds in first person shooters and get accused of hacking. Really brings me consistent joy.

  2. CoD: Black Ops, MW3
    Final Fantasy XIII & XIII-2(getting em platinum trophies), X(modding the sphere grid :))
    Fieldrunners, Fieldrunners 2
    Gran Turismo 5( Reaching that level 40 on A-Spec and B-Spec modes…300+ hours)

  3. World of Warcraft. I was addicted. In the very sense of the word. I neglected my personal life. I cancelled real life events cause I’d rather spend the time online with my WoW friends. I was unemployed for a short period, and I could spend 14-16 hours a day logged in to WoW. For me it wasn’t a game, it was my life in the end. I’ve clocked in atleast 7500 hours into that game, and only stopped playing it when my wife gave me a choice between her or the game. Every day, from June 2006 until April 2009 I’d play. Sometimes just logging in for half an hour to check up on what other people were doing, other times I’d stay on for 5-6 hours until 2-3am even though I had work the next day.77

    Which is why I’ll never touch another MMO again.

  4. The Fallout series stole many hours of my life away and I regret none of it.

    Same for the Elderscrolls. Steams says I’ve spent almost 400 hours in Skyrim and who am I to argue?

    And recently I just played Mass Effect (with all story based DLC) 1, 2 and 3 two times back to back. Once as a male and once as a female to see the differences.

    And I’ve played EQ2 on and off since 2004…

  5. My commitment to my Day of Defeat clan was part of the reason I did poorly my first year of college. We were one of the highest ranked clans on the east coast.

    The other time sinks have been Diablo 2, WoW (4 years straight from launch), Team Fortress CLASSIC (I really want an official updated Hunted map)and TF2.

  6. For me it’s mostly been FIFA 12 and FIFA 13. The rush of winning online multiplayer games makes you want to play again, and the agony of defeat does the same. A draw likewise leaves you feeling unfulfilled and needing one more go. Adding in the online seasons mode, which added a levelling up aspect (key to addiction for me) made FIFA even more dangerous.

    Right now I’m pretty hooked on Far Cry 3, and the fact that my XBOX keeps giving me “unrecognized disc” errors is giving me withdrawals, to the point where I’m smacking my XBOX to get it to read the game.

    Skyrim had me addicted for quite a bit as well.

  7. My age is about to show. Final Fantasy II for the SNES (now known as FFIV). I rented it constantly until I finally got it for christmas one year and then I filled out every save slot with the number of times I beat it and then some. I had games where I maxed out every character at level 99 and just randomly wandered around looking for rare items that I’d heard rumors about (no internet back then). I found a tiny spot at the very tip of a continent early in the game that had high-level enemies and would grind my characters there for WEEKS to get them so high level that the rest of the game was a breeze. Why did I do these things usually associated with autism? I just never wanted to stop playing that game. And yeah, I bought the DS remake. More specifically, I bought a DS specifically FOR that remake. I kind of want to play it now…..

  8. I really got into Final Fantasy XI. IT came out when I was finishing up 8th grade and I ended up getting homeschooled for high school so there was a lot of time to play. In the end my playtime on my main character was well over 150 days.

  9. Final Fantasy X. I lost once to Maester Seymour and after that I spent a good solid 250 hours leveling and going full completion before I fought the last battle against Sin. I even gave myself an eye tic from trying to get one of the character’s damage break items.

  10. I find it funny no one said League of Legends or Dota :3
    I used to play Dota until I met LoL (about 2 to 3 years ago) and I play 2 to 4 matches everyday after work.
    Some honorable mentions are Skyrim, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, World of Warcraft and some The King of Fighters from 96 to 2002 on the arcades.

  11. Team Fortress 2. My brother bought me the orange box, and Steam tracks how many hours I’ve played. Although this is over years, and some of those years in college, I’ve logged over 800 hours.

  12. Sims. I have all Sims and their expansions. Love that game. I used to play Diablo 2 all the time. Its one of my favorites. But, the cd was lost and I have been too lazy to get a new one, and my computer is out of service right now. *cries* Also, Age of Empires. Also one of my favs.

    DoD was also one of those that I played a lot. But after playing Sims I kinda forgot about it.

    I refuse to play Diablo 3. I want to play offline…not online.

  13. fallout 3 basically, i still play it even though ive gotten every trophy, every weapon every everything but i still go bumming around, killing mutants, and discovering everything in the metro tunnels, it never gets old for me, ive played the game through at least 10 times, taking a different path everytime

  14. I got so addicted to Skyrim, and the worst part is, I didn’t even like that game. I didn’t dislike it by any means, but the entire time I was incapable of parting ways with my Dragonborn, I could identify things that annoyed me about the game. It was sprawling and expansive, but repetitive and glitchy. It had an incredible concept, but surprisingly minimal storytelling. BUT IT DIDN’T MATTER. I couldn’t stop playing it. I got resentful and hateful, and still couldn’t stop playing the damn thing. Still angry about it.

    Also, Assassin’s Creed. Not resentful about that experience. I played them all in a row, full sync, all achievements, and got very little else done in my life. It took around two months. I’m not proud, per se, but I’m also not ashamed… time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted, right? …Right?

  15. one word – FIFA. play every version throughout the year until the next version comes out. then i play the new one throughout the year. GTA San Andreas was also quite addictive. i lost a year of my social life to that game.

  16. I’m a big couch co-op guy (the wife and I play) so I’d have to say Borderlands 1 & 2 which is the king of the genre.
    Besides that, I’ve spent lot of time in the Elder Scrolls games (Oblivion & Skyrim only).

  17. Back in my PS2 days, GTA: San Andreas, Final Fantasy X, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

    For some reason, I got addicted to San Andreas again, after getting it on the PC.

    On the XBox 360, Snake Eater again, from the Metal Gear Solid HD.

    And more recently, Mass Effect 2. The first game was entertaining, but this game… man. Different classes, different genders, different love interests… I almost feel like trying every last possible permutation of playing through this game.

  18. In high school I skipped 4 months of school just to play Pokemon so I could “Catch Em All” and played Everquest to max out my cap lvl. School board and the Judge were to so pleased. xD

  19. For me I love strategy games but could never divide my attention enough for most RTS games like Starcraft. The answer to that was league of legends & Dota 2. while they have their downsides, the main one being the people who play them, the game style is just fun enough that I don’t mind.

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