Superman Takes Flight in Yet Another Crazy GTA V Mod

Grand Theft Auto V on the PC is proving to be a one of the best mod producing games we’ve ever seen.   Yes, ever.  Just to give you some scale, there have been remakes of the Skyfall train sequence, the truck chase from Terminator 2, Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ trailer, the Paul Walker tribute in Furious 7, and Breaking Bad. And let’s face it.  It looks like we’re only just getting started.  This latest mod asks the question: what if The Man of Steel could soar above the skies of Los Santos?

While it’s not perfect — there’s no cape, for one thing — the idea of seeing a super-powered Kryptonian wandering around Los Santos destroying police vehicles and then flying away adds a whole different level of insanity to the world of GTA.

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