Four Next-Gen Video Game Exclusives That Should Be Announced at E3


With E3 around the corner, console wars among fan boys on the internet is heating up more than ever. My twitter feed these days are populated with tweets about either Xbox or PlayStation as the supreme console for gaming. Yet, a couple of days ago people seemed to have massive complaints about the Xbox One. Sometimes it’s hard to praise a console without someone raining on your parade. I’m already decided on getting both since I owned both the Xbox 360 and PS3 for this generation. The real question relies on which console I would be buying first and brand new. For me, all these social media features Microsoft and Sony are rolling out are cool but the main selling point for me has always been the exclusive line-up.

I’ve always enjoyed PlayStation’s exclusive line-up from the very beginning. There are a couple I enjoyed from Microsoft. When I first discovered Mass Effect 2, it was a Microsoft exclusive and that almost made me denounce my enduring brand loyalty to PlayStation until it became available on the latter platform. Here are a couple of exclusives that will surely impact my decision on what console to buy first. Are video game exclusives the main selling point for you too? If so, let us know!

1. Fable 4 (Xbox One)


If I remember correctly, Paul described the Fable series as an “excellent one, yet it suffers from poor direction.” I know a lot of us can sympathize with that. Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable 2 are one of my all-time favorite video games. When Fable 3 was announced, I recall being extremely happy that I pre-ordered the game right away. However, Fable 3 was less than stellar and it was not received as well as its predecessors. Consequently, a Fable game tailored for Xbox’s Kinect was released afterwards and fans didn’t warm up to that as well. Despite the missteps, fans like myself are still looking forward to another Fable installment. The series boasts rich characters, lore, and worlds that are endearing to any RPG fans. I would certainly consider one of the greatest RPG’s of all time. Recent reports suggest that Fable 4 might be in early development, but only time will tell. Perhaps, E3 is the right time to bring out a tease?

2. Any Quantic Dream Game (PS4)


I know it’s highly unlikely that Quantic Dream will promote another game before Beyond: Two Souls comes out. However,  it was recently reported that the company bought “singularityps4” as a domain if I am not mistaken. I believe that if Sony releases a teaser for any title Quantic Dream is working on after B:TS, it could work to their advantage. As a fan of story and character driven games, I’ve always believed that any game Quantic Dream creates is a narrative masterpiece and I’m sure a lot of players can agree with that sentiment as well.

3. Uncharted (PS4)


I can’t be the only one who is wishing for Naughty Dog to release a teaser to their next Uncharted game. It is not an ordinary action-adventure video game. The series has a memorable protagonist in Nathan Drake and a band of other memorable characters that make playing its games a worthwhile experience. To be honest, the first game makes me dizzy but I put up with it just because I enjoyed the game so much. I’ll really be surprised if Uncharted isn’t a part of PS4’s launch line-up.

4. Trauma Center (Wii)


I bet you probably didn’t expect me including a Nintendo exclusive here. I have lots of fond memories playing these games with my cousins throughout the years. One minute we are laughing our butts off at our poor attempts at being surgeons and then next thing you know we’ve become quiet and tense. This game is definitely a lot of fun especially if you play it with a friend. What’s better than killing a tumor? I’ve never really owned a Nintendo console but if they do release another entry to the series for the Wii U, then I might consider.

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  1. Well, seeing that the highlight of Fable 3 for me was farting in a dude’s face until he vomited, I’d call it a more than a bit underwhelming. Holy crap what happened to that series? I’d like to think that Molyneux’s departure might improve the odds of another awesome Fable game, but that’s probably foolish. After Itagaki left Team Ninja, the dopes couldn’t even put out a proper DOA game using the existing engine that doesn’t freeze your console on an hourly basis.

  2. I think for another Fable game to work and really bring back fans is for them to go back to what made the first Fable game so charming and enhance those basics. I think that if they were use the world of the first game and set it back in a fantasy tone instead of the weird shitty steampunk thing they tried to go with in Fable 3.

  3. Quantic Dream made Heavy Rain, didn’t they? Yeah, I think you may have invalidated your entire article with that “narrative masterpiece” comment… That “game” was a bad B-movie with some meaningless QTEs tacked on. I had higher hopes for B:TS until they showed off some gameplay of Ms Page in a confrontation, the QTE resulting in one of three outcomes:

    1) She jumps from a train into the river, nearly drowns, but crawls out the other side alive and exhausted.

    2) She’s knocked from the train into the river, nearly drowns, but crawls out the other side alive and exhausted.

    3) She’s shot and falls from the train into the river, nearly drowns, but crawls out the other side alive and exhausted… without acknowledging the gunshot wound.

    Heavy Rain was that sequence again and again stretched over a bad PG-13 Saw knock-off with more plot holes and worse writing than “The Room.”

  4. I feel like there should be more people hoping Naughty Dog follow their usual direction and ditch Uncharted for the PS4 and focus on new IP. They’ve created three incredible franchises for each Playstation console and left them alone before they got a chance to go stale. I’ve loved every Uncharted so far and they’re among my favourite games this gen but I feel like they’ve done all they can with those games and I’d like something new. I don’t think it needs to become a franchise that never ends. The Last of Us looks incredible, I hope they focus on bringing new stuff in the new generation rather than just Uncharted 4.

  5. Even though it is no longer a Microsoft exclusive, the second the next Mass Effect MP game hits the Xbox One, I’m there. Had the first ME on 360, as well as 2 and 3, and it just isn’t the same playing it on the PS.

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