Pac-Man World Re-Pac is a Remake of a Forgotten PlayStation Adventure

For whatever reason, there is a new Pac-Man game in the works. Naturally, this game isn’t the classic format that gamers know and love about the little yellow muncher. Instead, this game will be shifting into a 3D environment. Pac-Man World Re-Pac is being developed by Namco. Now, this isn’t a new game in its own right. Instead, this is a remake of a game that came out in 1999. This isn’t just a repolished version of the original title, by any means. There will be some notable improvements and additions to this new title which will give it its own identity. Even though there aren’t very many gamers out there clamoring for a new Pac-Man game, this project is coming down the pike regardless. Even though there isn’t too much of a jump graphically speaking, there are some refreshing gameplay mechanics that both improve and innovate from the original outing.

Pac-Man World Re-Pac kind of got buried under all the PlayStation exclusives when it was first released four generations ago. Now is a good time as any to bring back this iconic character with his own adventure. With the comeback of retro games overtaking the market today, a new Pac-Man game may be ripe with potential. There is, after all, a whole generation of younger gamers whole arent’ really well-versed in who Pac-Man is. This remake can introduce Pac-Man to a whole new demographic and maybe even re-ignite his popularity. Pac-Man is about as retro as anyone can get. However, this experiment of breathing new life into this IP by giving it more personality and a tangible world to explore. For any gamer who skipped playing this game when it was first released over 20 years ago, perhaps now is a good time to check out this remake for a number of different reasons.

Beyond Eating Pellets

There will be quite a few new mechanics being implemented into Pac-Man World Re-Pac. To start, the entire UI is going to have a complete overall. Everything will be more simplistic in terms of knowing where to go and finding items. Thus, the platforming mechanics have been tightened up. In the original, Pac-Man tended to slip off edges after making a jump. With this remake, his feet will be planted firmly on the ground so players can have more precise movement. With the trailer that was dropped recently, it showcased quite a bit of different-level designs and features. A little bit of everything was shown in the footage and there was quite a bit of surprise to be had. Even though this game is essentially a 2.5 D platformer, there are also some other activities that Pac-Man will be a part of to break up the monotony.

There was a shooter level where Pac-Man was piloting a starship like Galaga, for instanceA top-down level to where players will be blasting hordes of drones barreling toward Pac-Man. Another level that was showcased was a racing level that looked very similar to Mario Kart. At least, in terms of aesthetics. Beyond that, this game will basically have standard platforming fare. A swimming level, an industrial level, and a volcano level all made an appearance in the trailer. In other installments of this title, the goal was to find all of Pac-Man’s family who was kidnapped by the ghosts. It was essential to make progress through the game. With Pac-Man World Re-Pac, doing this will be optional. Players won’t be forced to venture out and find all the family members. They can do that at their own discretion. This will certainly give this entire adventure more breathing room and flexibility.

Ghost Stomper

Pac-Man will be able to jump on, punch, and even through projectiles at ghosts and other enemies on Ghost Island. There will also be the ability to hover jump. This will help players clear gaps and other hazards more effectively. The jumping in Pac-Man World Re-Pac will be less stiff. On top of that, Pac-Man will also have the ability to eat pellets, in his classic nature, and garner different powers. One power, in particular, causes him to grow into an immense size and chomp on everything around him. There will be a total of six different worlds in this game, which will come with distinct themes. Generally, this game doesn’t seem to be aiming to break new ground with this particular genre. However, it’s sharpening up the shortcomings that it had during its initial release to make something worth revisiting. Thusly, it is scheduled to be released in the very near future.

For whatever reason, Namco felt obligated to come back to Pac-Man World and rectify any inequities it had. It certainly looks sharper and the gameplay is much more smooth. There is no doubt that fans of this iconic video game character will get a kick out of exploring this world beyond the pellet-aligned grids that it is known for. From how everything appears, Pac-Man World will follow many of the tropes that platformers are known for. It may not be doing anything new, but it is shooting to make things feel more right. There is a lot to do in this game, with all sorts of variety. Hopefully, more gamers will take notice of this classic character and give his solo adventure a chance. Even though there is a slew of iconic video game characters out there, nothing gets more old-school than Pac-Man.

Whirlwind Adventure

Gamers won’t need to wait too much longer before they will be able to get their hands on this game. Anyone that is in need of an old-fashioned platforming adventure should give Pac-Man World Re-Pac a chance. Sometimes, gems get overlooked during particular gaming generations and Pac-Man World could potentially be one. Expect this title to be available for the PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch on August 26th. Any older gamer who might be looking for something that might be a good introduction to the video game stratosphere for younger gamers might want to have Pac-Man World on their list.

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