How to Get the Bandit Mantle in Monster Hunter World

Zenny is a very important resource in Monster Hunter World. Sure, interested individuals can get most of their hunting supplies on their own through diligent gathering during their missions and their expeditions. However, the same can’t be said for the upgrades for their equipment, which will play a critical part in ensuring that they can stand toe to toe with the tougher monsters that can be found out there. The earlier upgrades might not seem particularly expensive, but their latter counterparts can cost tens of thousands of zenny for just a single improvement, meaning that interested individuals might want to start farming zenny sooner rather than later. Something that is particularly true for players who specialize in fast weapons for which elemental boosts are worthwhile because said individuals are the ones who are going to want a high-level weapon of every element.

How Can You Get the Bandit Mantle?

Fortunately, one of the best ways for players to farm zenny in Monster Hunter World is to use the Bandit Mantle. For those who are curious, when interested individuals put on the Bandit Mantle, they can make monsters drop otherwise useless items that can be sold for thousands of zenny at the higher end of things. Thanks to this, they can make use of the Bandit Mantle in a couple of ways. One, they can fight the easier monsters on their own. The payoff for each monster won’t be as high as the payoff for something tougher, but the upside is that they should be capable of putting down those monsters in better time, meaning that they are going for the quantity of drops rather than the quality of drops. Two, if interested individuals find a good party, they might want to go hunting tougher monsters instead. It is interesting to note that every party member can collect the drops produced by Bandit Mantles, meaning that an entire party going at tough monsters while wearing their Bandit Mantles can earn a lot of zenny within a very short period of time.

As for getting the Bandit Mantle, players can do so by completing the five-star optional mission called “Redefining the Power Couple,” which can be unlocked by going to the Armory towards the end of the lower-rank missions. The mission is pretty tough for a lower-rank mission, seeing as how it requires interested individuals to go up against both a Rathian and a Rathalos. However, the mission is pretty normal in other respects, meaning that it is very, very far from being the toughest challenge that can be found in the game.

How Do You Beat Rathian and Rathalos?

Rathian and Rathalos are the female and the male of the species. As a result, they are very similar to one another. However, it is important to note that they are not 100 percent the same, which is something that can trip up interested individuals.

For starters, the two monsters have the same elemental weaknesses. First, a dragon weapon is the best option because it is the most effective. If interested individuals don’t have a dragon weapon at this point in the game, they might want to spend some time farming for the materials needed to make one that is well-suited for their particular play-style as well as this particular fight. However, if players can’t be bothered doing that, a thunder weapon should suffice as well. In contrast, both ice weapons and water weapons will be ineffective, while a fire weapon will be even more useless than that.

Moving on, there are some ailments that are more useful than others. For instance, neither blast nor poison will be very effective on either one of these two monsters. However, sleep, paralysis, and stun are much more useful. This is particularly true for stun when it comes to Rathian because she is more vulnerable to stun than her male counterpart.

As for the weak parts of these two monsters, those can be summed up as the head, the wings, and the tail. However, interested individuals might want to prioritize different parts of the body when fighting Rathian and Rathalos. For the Rathian, they will want to chop off her tail as soon as possible because her tail sweep can inflict poison on those who get hit by it. In contrast, for the Rathalos, they will want to target the wings soone rather than later because that will make it more difficult for him to get off of the ground. Something that can be critical because the Rathalos doesn’t poison using his tail but rather his claws. Of course, head hits are always useful, particularly if players have decided to go with stunning their opponents as much as possible.

Generally speaking, players might want to avoid using short-ranged weapons for the Rathian and Rathalos fight. Perhaps unsurprisingly, both monsters spend a fair amount of time in the air, meaning that it can be frustrating to get attacked without being able to make an effective response. Moreover, being able to remain at a distance can make it easier for interested individuals to dodge the occasional fireball plus fire sweep attacks, which are a nuisance because of their power as well as the resulting status effect.

Item-wise, there are a few things that interested individuals should definitely bring along. First, they should have full stacks of potions and mega potions because if they take damage, they are going to want to be able to heal themselves. Second, they need to have antidotes in case they get poisoned by either the Rathian’s tail or the Rathalos’s claws. In contrast, if they get set on fire, they can just roll around a few times to solve that particular problem. Third, interested individuals might want to look into flash pods for their slinger. This is because a good hit with the flash pod can sent either the Rathian or the Rathalos tumbling out of the air, thus providing them with a good chance to smash them in the head with a hammer or something similar as much as possible as fast as possible. However, if the player is out of flash pods, they might be able to pull off something similar with other kinds of ammunition.

Finally, if players can’t seem to beat Rathian and Rathalos on their own, they can always resort to calling in some emergency assistance. As mentioned earlier, this mission is a low-ranked mission, meaning that they should have no problems cobbling together a team capable of solving the threat in a fast, efficient manner.

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