The Four Players: Introduction to a Gritty Mushroom Kingdom

Evan Daughtry recently wrote the rather good Snow White and the Huntsman, and his new project is a short series of films that may be leading up to something larger. For now, it’s four 2-3 minute videos that serve as introductions for The Four Players in a gritty re-imagining of the Mushroom Kingdom.

There’s Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad, and you probably haven’t seen any of them like this before. It’s “real world” ¬†mixed with Guillermo Del Toro-esque creature fantasy, and there’s clearly a lot of work that’s gone into making these. Still, I can’t decide if they’re badass or a bit goofy, or both. Luigi’s was my favorite, but you can watch the other four below:

The Fixer

The Star

The Soldier

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