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Epic Games silently started their newest season for their hit game “Fortnite” and within its first week players have been told, and shown through the new season’s cinematic trailer, that building has been wiped from the island so the newly refreshed Battle Pass boasting The Resistance has come in strong with loads of missions for players to complete right away. Although no specific challenges revolve around this interesting, yet highly requested style of Fortnite without building gameplay, reaching certain places, or gaining the higher ground on an opponent has been reduced to each player’s individual ability to use the natural obstacles of the island to their advantage. However, Fortnite without building isn’t entirely true throughout the entire game as there are still creative modes, as well as the ability to enjoy the island with all of its new updates, such as the new mobility system that was included in the update that has now allowed players to charge and mantle and build when playing Arena games, Fortnite’s competitive hub. Below, we’ve gone over all the details of the new season of Fortnite, Epic Games’ Ukraine donation campaign, Fortnite without building, the new movement mechanics, and much more that make this season a leap different than others already, only two days in.

Fortnite and the Unfortunately Timed War-Themed Season

While clearly, current world events would cause a smaller gaming company to push back or delay their game for a set period of time due to the current situation with Ukraine and Russia has most of the world, and video game companies, doing what they can from afar. For Fortnite specifically, when the game has been loaded with the new season and booted for the first time, players were greeted with a banner that stated Fortnite would be donating all funds made from March 20th to April 3rd to four different organizations to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. On top of Epic Games themselves donating all funds to the organizations from those dates, Microsoft also stated that they will be donating their own proceeds during those dates as well. With the new Fortnite season being precluded for quite a bit, especially last season, simply too much was already invested in a long built-up storyline to set the season back in any way so donating proceeds to UNICEF, Direct Relief, United Nations World Food Programme, and The UN Refugee Agency. Since the initial announcement of the donation of Season 2 funds, Fortnite had already collected $36 million on the first day.

Fortnite New Movement Mechanics

Along with the typical update to Fortnite that has always included new weapons, points of interest, outfits, and an overall theme, there’s also always the slightly different and unique themes, items, and characters that make each season unique to itself, and this season we were greeted with a whole lot of those such as recently, where Fortnite has brought new movement types to the game with the last few updates such as swimming a while ago, but more recently before Season 2, we were also given the ability to slide which alone changed movement in Fortnite greatly. Now, on top of all that and a week of Fortnite with no building, we were gifted the ability to sprint even faster and further with a stamina gauge, as well as the ability to tackle doors open and mount ledges to climb without building.

Everything Else Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

Along with a week of Fortnite without building and movement styles, Fortnite has also added new car items, which was long predicted, Overshield, which adds an additional layer of armor against attacks that automatically develops once the players depart the Battle Bus, and of course new points of interest and more. Other items added to the game that fits the current war theme are the newest inclusion of Tanks, which have a gunner seat and a driver seat, more aggressive canons than players have previously been introduced to, flying airships, in the style of blimps that players can reach straight from the ground or from the Battle Bus. However, with all of these additions to the Fortnite island for Chapter 3 Season 2, the biggest change to the island was the instant removal of the ability to build which made it somewhat reminiscent of Professor Oak’s words in the Pokemon games that echo to you whenever you’d try to use an item in an unfitting environment. However, while players have always asked for a mode of Fortnite without building, I don’t think any player could have expected them to do it the way that they did, forcefully unless you’re willing to play Team Rumble or Arena, but whenever Fortnite makes the story relevant to gameplay, players are almost always on board. Most recently, before the new season launched, Doctor Strange was a suspected character to make an appearance, due to the upcoming Marvel Fortnite comic run.

Fortnite Without Building

Overall, it’s only been a few days into Fortnite without building but players have been loving it, and while it may be due to the fact that it’s a brand new season with lots to explore and figure out but either way it has proven to be one surprising way that Fortnite and Epic Games have improved their game in a way that players were asking for but not expecting. Now with the ability to repair vehicles, drive tanks, infiltrate a variety of bases, tackle doors holding unsuspecting players, mantling walls, and more to come, such as the return of Funding, Fortnite without building will more than likely be requested for a return in some way, shape, or form such as a mode at the very least.

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