Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Versions Announced

The Pokemon Company has been more than busy over the last few years with the giant celebration of 25 years of the franchise to the remakes of Diamond and Pearl released in 2021 and barely off the heels of “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” came even more news yesterday: the next Pokemon mainline games which are to be called “Pokemon Scarlet Version” and “Pokemon Violet Version”. Below, we’ve gone into detail on the new “Pokemon Scarlet” and “Pokemon Violet” versions announced, the differences between them, and what exactly is a Pokemon version.


Pokemon itself has been one of the most expansive video game franchises in history, was intended for children at first but held as an interest in some way, shape, or form for fans as they age into adulthood, which caused an unexpected bloom into the franchises quarter-century existence. Along with mainline video games, which will officially be entering their 9th generation of a new regional Pokedex, an item used throughout the games to catalog your findings of Pokemon and more. Officially, “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” was a mainline game but operated differently from other mainline Pokemon games we know so while “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” didn’t provide a new generation or Pokedex full of new Pokemon, we were instead introduced to more primitive versions of Pokemon that cannot be acquired today, as “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” was set in the past.

Pokemon Versions

Pokemon introduced versions with the first generation of mainline Pokemon games with Red and Blue, in the United States but originally in Japan, the games were listed as Red and Green. However, as time went on Pokemon not only followed this trend of Version A and Version B with every mainline game but have also done so with the remasters/remakes of those titles. Each generation, up until “Pokemon Black” and “Pokemon White” followed this tradition as Pokemon Black and White went into the direct sequel route and post-Black and White released Black 2 and White 2. Personally, this drew me away from the game for a good bit of time as Pokemon also ended another tradition with the introduction of Black and White and its sequels, the third entry within a generation. As stated above, Pokemon originally released Red and Blue for the Game Boy Color system but when the company released the next entry after Red and Blue, it was a single release and featured a combined Pokedex, compared to separate versions each carrying specific Pokemon to find.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet

Overall, “Pokemon Scarlet” and “Pokemon Violet” look to take inspiration from mostly the most recent Pokemon games such as “Pokemon Sword” and Pokemon Shield and “Pokemon Legends: Arceus”. One of the initial, but small and powerful, statements for the game’s promotion was, “Various towns blend seamlessly into the wilderness and with no borders”, which alone indicated that this would not only be larger in scale than Pokemon Sword and Shield but also be truly open-world, compared to “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” which had a more limited open-world aspect to it. As with all other Pokemon games, trainers have the ability to choose one of three starter Pokemon to start their adventure from the Fire, Water, and Grass types. The Scarlet and Violet Pokemon starters are as follows: Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Sprigatito. As with most recent Pokemon starters, the future types that come with evolution could be assumed, but until launch, or close to it, we may not know until we actually get our hands on the new little Pocket Monsters and their evolutions.

Other Pokemon News Announced with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Along with the surprise news of a new mainline Pokemon game in the series with new starters and more, The Pokemon Company also announced an update for “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” that went live the same day called “Daybreak” that featured mysterious clusters of Pokemon appearing for the player to investigate, regardless of their game progress. “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” players can also unlock a helpful chunk of balls and other items with the mystery gift code, “ARCEUSADVENTURE”. Pokemon Masters EX also received some well-received news of continued celebrations and free gems for the mobile game’s 2.5 year anniversary. Additional features were also announced and added for “Pokemon Cafe ReMix” and players of “Brilliant Diamond” and “Shining Pearl” can now acquire Shaymin by engaging in conversation with Professor Oak on Route 224 to add to their party. Additionally, “Pokemon GO” will be adding more Pokemon from the Alola region, and “Pokemon Unite” players can now unlock Hoopa as a playable character in the Pokemon MOBA game.

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