How To Find Gligar and Evolve it into Gliscor

Gligar and Evolve it into Gliscor

Gligar is one of the more memorable Pokemon introduced in Generation II. Appearance-wise, it is somewhat reminiscent of a bat. However, Gligar has elements that seem to have been inspired by other creatures as well. For example, its lolling tongue might have been inspired by a gargoyle, which in turn, may or may not have been a carry-over from the Gorgon of classical times. Similarly, its pincers plus its tail-mounted stinger might have been inspired by a scorpion. Whatever the case, Gligar looks surprisingly well-put-together considering its mix of inspirations.

Where Can You Find Gligar in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

If people want to get a Gligar in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, they should know that Gligar is exclusive to Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. Even worse, it isn’t something that interested individuals can just stumble upon while they are wandering around one of the routes. Instead, Gligar is a rare Pokemon that can be found in Bogsunk, Sunlit, and Swampy Caverns in the Grand Underground. The player can gain access to said feature as soon as they reach Eterna City. They just need to speak with an elderly man in the house next to the Pokemon Center in order to get their hands on the Explorer Kit. As for people who went with Pokemon Shining Pearl, well, they are going to need to do some trading.

How Can You Evolve Gligar in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

Gligar received an evolution called Gliscor in Generation IV. It is inspired by much the same mix of creatures as its pre-evolved form. However, Gliscor is somewhat more intimidating-looking because of its black-and-gray color scheme as well as its nastier-looking pincers. Amusingly, while it is much bigger than its pre-evolved form, it is also quite a bit lighter than its pre-evolved form. Presumably, that explains why Gligar tends to be shown as floating in the air rather than standing on the ground. In any case, Gligar’s evolution method has been very consistent. Essentially, interested individuals just need to level up the Pokemon while it is holding a Razor Fang during the night. The one exception to this rule would be Pokemon Legends: Arceus, in which it is possible to evolve Gligar by just exposing it to Razor Fang during the night. As such, interested individuals will need to look for one of these items if they want to get their hands on a Gliscor in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Fortunately, this is pretty easy, particularly since they have two options for that. One, the player can find a Razor Fang in the southwest corner of the Battle Park. Two, the player can buy a Razor Fang from the Battle Tower for five Battle Points. Thanks to this, evolving a Gligar might be easier than catching a Gligar depending on what point the player has reached in the game.

Why Would You Want a Gliscor Anyway?

Some Pokemon are very substitutable in the sense that they can be replaced by a different Pokemon in their role with relative ease. In contrast, others are more unusual without impairing their usefulness, meaning that it is much more difficult to switch them out for something else. Gliscor can be considered an example of the latter, meaning that it has its uses. For starters, Gliscor is a Ground/Flying Pokemon. This is an unusual combination. However, this can be an amusing combination as well because of how Ground Pokemon are just straight-up immune to Electric moves, which are the go-to option for a lot of people when they are facing Flying Pokemon. Having said that, while running Ground/Flying Pokemon can be fun, it is far from being perfect. After all, they take four times the damage from Ice moves, which see a fair amount of use by interested individuals as well.

Moving on, Gliscor is a surprisingly tanky Pokemon. This is because it comes with a base Defense of 125, thus making it a very unpleasant opponent for physical attackers. On top of this, Gliscor has certain capabilities that make it very well-suited for said role. To name an example, it can have the ability Poison Heal, which enables it to heal by an eighth of its HP when it has been poisoned. As a result, a lot of players choose to put a Toxic Orb on their Gliscor, thus enabling it to regenerate by poisoning it. This is a better option than the ever-popular Leftovers in this case because this will enable the Gliscor to continue regenerating even if the item gets knocked off. Of course, interested individuals will be passing up on the other potential abilities, which would be Hyper Cutter and Sand Veil. Still, neither one of those two abilities are must-haves, so it isn’t hard to see why so many people would go for Poison Heal instead. This is particularly true since that ability also shuts down Toxic, which is a popular counter to tanky Pokemon. Besides this, interested individuals should know that it is also very common to see people running Roost on their Gliscor, which makes sense because Roost provides it with on-demand healing should that prove to be necessary.

In any case, Gliscor can be a dangerous offensive threat as well, not least because it has access to some very powerful moves. To name an amusing example, there is Facade, which comes with 70 power under normal circumstances. However, a Poison Heal Gliscor with a Toxic Orb will see that doubled because of the Gliscor being poisoned, thus making it a much nastier threat to anything that its other moves can’t handle. Generally speaking, that means Earthquake, which is a classic option for very good reasons even on non-Ground Pokemon. Having said that, it is important to note that the exact moves see a fair amount of variation depending on exactly what interested individuals have in mind for their Pokemon. Sometimes, they want a sweeper, which is why their Gliscor comes with Sword Dance. Other times, they might be more interested in something meant to outlast the opponent, which means Toxic and Stealth Rock. Gliscor is versatile enough to support a number of potential builds.

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