Forspoken: Where To Find All Founts Of Blessing

With the new magical world of Forspoken to explore, finding all of the collectibles is a chore. Luckily, locating all the Founts of Blessing are some of the easier items to find throughout Athia. Frey will need to find these mythical places in order to unlock new spells. Visually speaking, they are not that hard to miss. The Founts of Blessing are generally pools of sparkling water, that have a pillar of light gleaming out of it. Frey will jump into it and a skill branch tree will fade onto the screen. This is where players can unlock a new spell of their choosing.

There are particular Founts of Blessing that are related to only specific types of magic. The different types of magic in Forspoken are; Prav’s, Ola’s, Sila’s, and Frey’s magic. Which come in the colors; blue, green, red, and purple, respectively. Hence, all these magic types are associated with; water, light, fire, and Earth. Therefore, players will need to first unlock these different magic types by simply playing the main story. The Founts of Blessing are scattered into 12 distinct locations on the map. Find a few just by playing the main campaign, but others will require getting off the beaten path to locate them.

Fount Of Blessing Locations

Crosstide Coast

  • From Junoon Castle Town Refuge, head northbound toward the Physic Garden Belfry and bypass it. Make your way to the Physic Garden Refuge and head West from it. Eventually, Frey will come across a cliff that is located in Sundar. Scale down the cliff and aim toward the Northwest region of the area. This is where Frey will set foot into the Depths of Corruption in Junoon. A fort will be located in the Northwest region of this area. Find a way into it and fight the nightmares that are lurking about. The Fount of Blessing will be found on the other side of the fort. This will unlock the Diversify spell.

The Windy Hills

  • This particular Fount of Blessing can only be acquired after completing the game. Within The Windy Hills in Visoria, head Northwest from the Physic Garden Refuge and aim West toward Sundar. Then, travel Southwest toward Wolfwood’s Belfry. After that, go South near the Shephard’s Meadow Refuge passed the Shephard’s Meadow: Western Belfry. South from here is the area Graenn. This is where Frey should head West to finally find the next Fount of Blessing that unlocks the Fortify spell.

Inner Visoria

  • While exploring Inner Visoria, will be a group of mountains that have a hidden valley between them. Try to find a way into the valley and prepare for battle, because there are enemies patrolling the area. Once Frey fights her way through this valley, there will be a mouth carved into the side of the cliffs. Straight inside, will be a Fount of Blessing that has the Float Spell waiting to be unlocked.

Visorian Plateau

  • This is where Frey will find the spell Alb, which is highly effective in Forspoken. From the Visorian Castle, go through the main gate and make your way to the Northward part of the map. There will be cliffs erected out on the horizon. Get to the cliffs and keep heading forward to find the Fount of Blessing that will clearly be sitting in the middle of the Visorian Plateau.

Golden Hills

  • In Avoalet, trek Southwest from the Ruins of Tahiri which is located in the Untrodden Forest Refuge. Keep heading straight through the dense forest and eventually, the Fount of Blessing will be located at the edge of the forest. Here, Frey will find the Rush spell.

The Moulderings

  • The Moulderings is a region that acts as a border of Samum Coast. Head over there and find the island that’s Southeast of this area. A good starting point will be from the Western Refuge. Once Frey gets to the island, cross it and fight the way to the Western Belfry. Then, go East toward the Eastern Refuge. From this point, try to head Southeast and, even though the cliffs look climbable, Frey can’t do it. So, don’t try. Instead, follow its ridge until a climbable area comes along.Scale up that particular spot and once Frey makes it to the top, there will be the Ruins of Yulidis on her right side. Use it as a landmark to head Northwest up into the hills. Once the top is reached, head down at the right side of it and look for a clearing at the bottom. Keep going straight until a large boulder gets in your line of sight. Turn left to get to the Moulderings Refuge. There will be a cliff at the edge of this area. Carefully climb down and jump over to some grappling stones at the side. Climb upward to finally make it to Fount of Blessing, which will grant Frey the Suppression spell.

The Water Garden

  • This Fount of Blessing is found in Avolet in Forspoken. The Water Garden: Central Refuge is found in the heart of this area. Once Frey is in this area, look for the Merveil Bridge. Jump off it and splash into the water underneath it. Swim Northwest to locate the Found of Blessing. This will have the Soar spell, waiting to be unlocked.

The Mustering Ground

  • Look for Mount Garrison Belfry, which is located West of Praenost Castle. This will be an indicator to go South to get to the Mustering Ground Belfry. From there, go southwest. This area is a gauntlet of pitfalls and cliffs, so tread carefully. Once the bottom of the cliffs is reached, the Fount of Blessing will be waiting for Frey. This one will have the Beacon spell ready to be unlocked.

The Citadel

  • In the same location as Praenost, look for the Citadel. It can be found during the main campaign, so missing it is generally impossible. There is a slew of cliffs to navigate, which will be a chore to get through. Carefully use the parkour features that Frey has and make your way across the mountains. The Fount of Blessing will eventually come her way. This one will grant Frey the Shimmy spell.

Brass Hollow

  • Also in Praenost, the area of Brass Hollow is found up North from the Citadel. Plus, try and get to the Dianthus Wood Refuge and head East, alternatively in order to find Brass Hollow. Either way, the Fount of Blessing is sitting Northeast of Brass Hollow, which will have the Burrow spell.

The Barren Plains

  • This will most likely be the first Fount of Blessing that Frey will come across. It can be found at the exit from Cipal. This will grant Frey the Leap ability.


Even though some Founts of Blessing in Forspoken are relatively straightforward to find, others will require some work to get to. They are an essential component of gameplay. Which will make traversing and combat all the more effective and satisfying. Forspoken is now available for PlayStation 5 and PC.

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