What the Silver Pinap Berry Does in Pokemon GO

Silver Pinap Berry

It has been some time since Pokemon GO saw its initial surge of popularity. As a result, it should come as no surprise to learn that its player-ship has fallen by a considerable extent. Having said that, it would be a serious mistake to think that Pokemon GO has come to a conclusion, as shown by how new content continues to be released on a regular basis. Those who are returning might want to look up some of the changes that have been made, with an excellent example being the Silver Pinap Berry.

What Is the Silver Pinap Berry in Pokemon GO?

Berries should be a very familiar concept for Pokemon fans. After all, while they weren’t introduced in Generation I, they were introduced in Generation II, with the result that they have long since become a well-integrated part of the Pokemon experience. Like their real world counterparts, Pokemon berries are fruits that come in a wide range of forms with a wide range of flavors. However, they are very unlike their real world counterparts in that they can have incredible effects on their eaters in an instant. For instance, Generation II introduced six berries that could cure the six status effects that could be found therein, which was on top of a rare berry called the Miracle Berry that could cure any of the status effects on its own. This was rather remarkable, considering that those status effects included having been set on fire as well as having been frozen in a block of ice.

Regardless, the Pinap Berry was introduced in Generation III, which was when berries started getting more flavorful names. For example, the berry that healed 10 HP was no longer Berry but rather the Oran Berry. Likewise, the berries that cured poison, paralysis, and sleep became the Pecha Berry, the Cheri Berry, and the Chesto Berry. As for the Pinap Berry, it had no Generation II predecessor. Instead, it was a new Generation III berry that increased the chance for a wild Pokemon to drop an item. Something that has saved a lot of Pokemon players a lot of frustration over time.

Naturally, Pinap Berries managed to make their way into Pokemon GO. There, they don’t increase the chance of wild Pokemon dropping items because that wouldn’t make sense considering the mechanics that were and were not incorporated into said mobile game. Instead, Pinap Berries double the amount of Candy that interested individuals can get by catching wild Pokemon in Pokemon GO, which is a very useful effect in its own right. After all, Candy is the consumable resource that interested individuals use to evolve their Pokemon in said mobile game, thus making it one of those things that one can never have enough of.

In any case, Silver Pinap Berries aren’t Pinap Berries. Instead, they are exactly what they sound like, which is to say, an even better version of Pinap Berries. In total, Silver Pinap Berries have three effects. First, they are the same as Pinap Berries in that they double the amount of Candy that interested individuals can get by catching wild Pokemon. Second, they are better than Pinap Berries because they also add a 1.8 multiplier to the catch rate of the wild Pokemon, which has a lot of synergy with the aforementioned effect. Third, it is interesting to note that Silver Pinap Berries increase the motivation of Gym defenders by twice the amount as Pinap Berries, though in truth, this is nowhere near as important as its other two effects. Combined, these effects make Silver Pinap Berries even better than their standard counterparts, which are already very useful items to say the least.

How Can You Get Your Hands on the Silver Pinap Berry in Pokemon GO? Interested individuals can get their hands on Silver Pinap Berries in a number of ways:

Field Research

Field research refers to a list of small tasks that interested individuals can complete in exchange for various benefits in Pokemon GO. These tasks can be picked up by spinning PokeStops, which change the task handed out to interested individuals on a daily basis. Generally speaking, these tasks are very simple and straighforward in nature. For example, one of them might require interested individuals to catch a certain number of Pokemon. Likewise, another one of them might require interested individuals to make a certain number of throws while catching Pokemon. Sometimes, completing these tasks will provide interested individuals with Silver Pinap Berries that can be put to good use, though their very nature means that this isn’t the most predictable of sources.

Special Research

Special research is very similar to field research. Essentially, interested individuals have a list of tasks, which can be completed in exchange for various benefits in Pokemon GO. Be warned that special research is not the same as field research. For instance, special research tasks can be completed once and no more than once. Furthermore, it isn’t possible to pick up new special research tasks by spinning PokeStops, so it should come as no surprise to learn that it isn’t possible to discard special research tasks in preference for new ones either.

Adventure Sync

Adventure sync is the feature of Pokemon GO that lets it track the distance that the player has traveled by walking. Every Monday, Pokemon GO will use this information to provide the player with rewards based on the distance that they have walked within the last seven days. If the player has walked more than 5 km but less than 25 km, they shouldn’t expect to get any Silver Pinap Berries. However, if they have walked for more than 25 km, they can expect to get one of either 3 Rare Candies, 3 Silver Pinap Berries, or a 5 km Egg. Furthermore, if they have walked for more than 50 km, they can expect to get one of either 5 Rare Candies, 5 Silver Pinap Berries, or a 10 km Egg. Please note that these rewards are cumulative in nature, meaning that it can be very worthwhile to walk more for Pokemon GO fans.

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