Street Fighter 6 – Lily Character Breakdown

No doubt that Street Fighter 6 brings back some nostalgia for gamers who grew up playing the original in the 90s. Even though most of the roster brings back some familiar characters, there is also a hefty selection of new warriors, too. One, in particular, is Lily. A member of the Thunderfoot Tribe. She comes with some unusual aesthetics, mainly with the clubs that she brandishes. Although she comes within a small frame, she can be a little tank in her own right. When everything is boiled down, Lily is within the “grappler” variety of fighters.

Thus, let’s not overlook the fact that she also comes with some brawling tendencies, as well. Her clubs have a pretty good reach to them, even though their damage output isn’t as heavy. Lily is a nimble fighter, capable of monkeying around the arena and dodging a myriad of attacks. She is the complete opposite of other characters, like JP. She comes with no projectiles and she is all about close-up attacks and combos. She is a super quick character. Almost on par with Cammy.

Lily comes with some rather simple control inputs. They are basically the same brawler type of mechanics found in Ryu and other similar characters. A few of her moves consist of just pushing a few buttons in order. It is a little unorthodox in comparison to the other fighters on the roster. However, she also comes with some grapples that can be rather devastating in their own right. Lily is a good character to choose for beginning players and is easy to get used to.

Lily’s Power Moves

Most of Lily’s Power Moves can be used as either an anti-air attack or standing neutral. She can put pressure on other fighters and unleash a number of different combos. Thus, Lily also has the ability to buff her attacks, giving her an edge while in the thick of fighting. Her attacks are fast and surprising. Which is a handy way to keep opponents on their toes.

Tomahawk Buster

Roll a ‘Z Pattern‘ and press punch. This move is essentially the next generation of T. Hawk’s rising attack from Super Street Fighter II. Its execution is the same and very powerful. It can break through any air-borne attack, making it a highly useful anti-air move, in general.

Condor Spire

Roll a fourth of a circle forward, then press kick. This move will let Lily torpedo her opponent. It has a short distance, but it does come with a pretty good knockback effect. It is also a good way to close the gap with zoners.

Condor Wind

Roll a fourth of a circle backward, then press punch. This move will summon wind around Lily, which will charge up her subsequent moves. Most useful with using Condor Spire right after. It is the most effective way to use this move, in terms of surprising your opponent.

Condor Dive

While in the air, press the punch button twice. Lily will launch down from the air with a reverse Tomahawk Buster. This move can also be OD by pressing the punch buttons three times, instead.

Mexican Typhoon

Roll counter-clockwise and press punch. Lily will pull off a spinning, slamming attack that will deal some rather hefty damage. Good for going around blocks and finishing combos with them.

Lily’s Super Arts Moves

Lily’s Super Arts Moves can generally be used in two different instances. Either as standing ground attacks, or mid-air attacks. In either case, these moves do massive damage and it is imperative to time them correctly. They don’t come with much range when it comes to hitboxes. Instead, they have a very narrow window and players will need to be very precise on how to execute them. Missing your mark can leave Lily wide open, so be advised accordingly.


Roll a fourth of a circle forward, twice. Then, press kick. Lily will twirl straight up into the air, like a tornado. It will give off multiple hits, making this move a primo choice for ending combos with. It is also a rather unstoppable anti-air move. It can tear through any airborne attacks coming from an opponent. Speaking of which, this move can also be used while in the air. It is not as extensive as its ground attack, but still very useful for air combos.

Breezing Hawk

Roll a fourth of a circle forward, twice. Then, press punch. This Super Art Move can be a bit tricky to pull off. The first few frames of animation are pretty slow. However, Lily is invincible during that time. The problem is that opponents can either dodge or block the attack. So, this is all about timing. Lily will spin around her opponent, hitting them multiple times. Thus, it comes with a rather nice knockback effect.

Raging Typhoon

Roll a fourth of a circle backward, twice. Then, press punch. This move is basically a more enhanced version of the Mexican Typhoon. Lily will slam her opponent into the ground, two times. It will execute a cinematic that will show her doing this move in a flashy sequence. This move can also go around an opponent’s block, and give off a nice amount of damage. Can be used in combos, as well.


Like T. Hawk before her, Lily is a warrior who comes with great power, given her stature in Street Fighter 6. She can be fun to use for fighters who prefer using brawlers and grapplers. Her clubs allow her to have some decent range with her attacks and her anti-air attacks can make her almost unstoppable. Any seasoned Street Fighter fan, looking for a new main, might want to give Lily a try. Street Fighter 6 is now available for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

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