Ranking The Romance Options in Mass Effect Andromeda


Mass Effect Andromeda suffered serious issues because of insufficient resources. However, the team behind the title managed to find the time to insert a wide range of romance options, which are one of the most famous characteristics of Bioware RPGs. Having said that, some of the romance options are much better than others, meaning that interested individuals shouldn’t find it too difficult to pick and choose from them. Here is our ranking of the romance options in Mass Effect Andromeda:

10. Keri

Keri is a journalist. As such, most of the player’s interactions with her will consist of them being interviewed by her about their exploration, with there being something of a tension point in that she wants to tell the truth but has been tasked with making a propaganda piece. Speaking bluntly, there isn’t much of a romance here, which should be made clear by how Keri won’t care even if the player is already in a romantic relationship with another character.

9. Gil

The Gil relationship is complicated. However, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing for people with the right views. In short, Gil is a romantic option for a male player-character with a best friend named Jill. Sometime into the romance, Jill will decide that she wants to have a baby, which is why she asks Gil to be the father so that she, Gil, and the player-character can be co-parents. Said arrangement is a bit unusual, but if interested individuals don’t mind it, the Gil relationship can be a solid choice for them.

8. Reyes

On initial meeting, Reyes will seem to be a smuggler. However, while he is very much involved with smuggling, his ambition is by no means limited to it, as shown by how he is the secret leader of the Collective. Interested individuals can start romancing Reyes before this revelation. Furthermore, if they choose to let Reyes kill Sloane, they can continue the relationship. Of course, the problem is that the player will be romancing the leader of a group of people that engages in a wide range of dubious behavior, thus making this rather iffy even if Reyes is likeable on a personal level.

7. Avela

Avela is the curator of the Repository of History, so it should come as no surprise to learn that she has a lot of responsibilities. As such, while a male player-character can romance her, such a romantic relationship will come to a conclusion when she breaks it off. Partly, this is because both parties are busy people with a lot of responsibilities, meaning that they can’t provide the relationship with the time and effort that it merits; and partly, this is because she doesn’t want to distract the player-character from everything that is going on. Having said that, not everything is hopeless because Avela isn’t averse to restarting the relationship once everything has settled down.

6. Suvi

Suvi is the science officer of the Tempest as well as a member of the Nexus science team. Both player-characters can flirt with her, but Suvi will be much more receptive to a female player-character than a male player-character. On the whole, the romantic relationship takes some time, but in the end, it seems to be a pretty happy though perhaps not perfect one.

5. Vetra

Vetra was orphaned when she was still very young. Even worse, she wasn’t on her own but had an even younger sister who she needed to watch out for. Despite the odds, Vetra managed to keep both of them safe, though she has had to do some dubious jobs from time to time. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she has a deep-rooted belief in the importance of family, which is sometimes expressed as a desire to settle down.

4. Peebee

In a word, Peebee is blunt. This can be both an upside and a downside. On the one hand, this means that interested individuals will always have a good idea of what Peebee is thinking; on the other hand, too much bluntness can be irritating to say the least.

3. Jaal

Jaal is an observer, which is a nice way to say that he has volunteered to join up with the Tempest so that he can gauge the intentions of these newcomers towards the already beleaguered angarans. This means that Jaal starts off being very distrustful of the player-character, which is expressed mechanics-wise as the player having to befriend him before romancing him. However, once that happens, Jaal will show sides to him that one wouldn’t have expected based on his much more closed-off initial impression.

2. Liam

Liam  is someone who wants everyone to get along well, which showcases two important characteristics to him. One, he cares. Two, he has a fair amount of ambition to go along with that care for other people. On top of this, Liam has one more characteristic that can appeal to a lot of people out there, which is that his dates can be pretty charming for the right people with the right tastes. Sure, they are cheesy, but cheesy isn’t always a bad thing, particularly when interested individuals are in the right mood to appreciate it. In any case, please note that Liam must be romanced by a female player-character.

1. Cora

Cora’s relationship with the player-character gets off to a rough start to say the least. In short, while she might have trusted Alec’s capabilities, she can’t say the same for Alec’s child, which is why she believes that she is better-suited for being a Pathfinder. On top of this, Cora has issues with fitting in. Something that isn’t helped by the fact that she saw Alec as something of a mentor figure, thus introducing further complications to an already complicated relationship. Of course, for a lot of people, complications make these things more interesting, particularly when they wrap up in a wonderful way.

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