Have You Tried Gone Home?


Lately, the internet has been buzzing about the game called Gone Home. People are raving about it in websites like Kotaku, IGN, and GameSpot as a masterpiece. Paul even posted a review on Forbes Games about the game. I also gave my two cents on the comments section as well.

It’s a great concept, but I personally think that $20 is a little bit too much to pay for this game. However, it was still a great experience in the end and storytelling is the main focus of this ‘game.’ It’s available on Steam right now. If you’ve played it, let us know if it’s worth the rave or not?

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  1. I can’t say whether $20 is too much, it wasn’t for me and it just depends on the person…all I know is that the game honestly got to me. By the end of it, I was bawling my eyes out. I can’t quite put my finger on why, but this 2-3 hour long game was able to emotionally touch me in ways that 50-60 hour long epics with hundreds of times the budget couldn’t even dream to do.

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