Dune Awakening will be a MMO Survival Game for Next-Gen Consoles

Dune Awakening is a new MMO title that is currently in the works by Funcom. Through seamless interaction with thousands of other players, this game is offering an open-world experience on the surface of Arrakis. This game will be wrought with survival mechanics in which interactivity with other players will be essential. This game is very early in development and there is very little known about it. The only thing that gamers can go by is a short trailer that was released this past year. From the looks of it, the trailer could very well be in-game footage. Whatever the case, there are still quite a bit of questions floating around centering on what this game has to offer. An MMO game that takes place within the universe of Dune is indeed an enticing proposition. No doubt that this game is oozing with potential given the rich lore that this IP has.

Of course, the entire map will have no loading screens and it will be a smooth experience. Whether this game will either be third or first person remains to be seen. It could be both. Arrakis is notoriously known to be a desert planet. Given how Mad Max was designed, it is very possible to provide variety in landscape, even if it is barren. Different depths, colors, textures, and themes were introduced in every region.  Of course, Dune Awakening won’t be taking place in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Hence, the door is opened for much more exotic adventures and interesting things to find. This game will be teeming with customization opportunities and exploration. Thus, sharing everything with other players will make everything feel all the more alive. It will be some time before players will get the chance to try this out, but it could very well be worth the wait.

Rolling The Dice On The Spice

Not to be confused with another Dune game which will be an RTS, Dune Awakening is offering a vastly different experience. Players will be tinkering with all aspects of their journey. Building fortresses, molding characters, and assembling vehicles will all be possible. Thus, players will have smooth and instant interactions with battling, piloting vehicles, and charging the fields. Players will be able to send out harvesters, only to protect it from potential threats like other players. They can seize and run off with one’s Spice at any given time. This world will be unrelenting and brutal. Not to mention the massive Sand Worms that can erupt from the ground and decimate entire establishments. From the sound of things, this game will have real-time combat. Which could be something that potentially is in the vein of the Battlefront games. Thus, players will also have reputations to build, which comes with perks.

Evidently, players can garner influence in Arrakis which, in turn, will affect their establishments. Trading, harvesting, and fighting will become more effective through the installments of factions. Yes, players will be able to make their own factions at their whim. Complete with their own rules and regulations. Maintaining things like the Stillsuits and shelter will also be essential. Only the most seasoned of explorers will have access to the depths of the desert. Scrambling around in the dunes will be encouraged since it will be the only way to find the resources required. Wrecked starships, abandoned facilities, and biological labs will be ripe for the picking. These won’t be static things either. Especially, since the shifting sands will periodically swallow up these places and create new terrains. Kind of gives Dune Awakening some rouge-like elements to play around with.

Rawest Form

Let’s not overlook the fact that there will also be real-time weather effects to deal with. Blinding sandstorms will not only thicken the veil toward the horizon but also destroy settlements. Hence, players will need to find ways to protect their things. This also includes the Stillsuits that they will be wearing. When everything is stripped down, Dune Awakening is a survival-crafting game at its core. Even though there will be epic battles to partake in, the building and maintenance of things will be this game’s main appeal. The overall journey isn’t set in stone. Players will be free to have their own adventures and carve out their own experiences. Thus, a multitude of other players will be doing the same thing. Therefore, much like every other MMO, the lifespan of this game can go on forever. Dune isn’t a title that’s unbeknownst to the public either. It’s been around for decades and there are generations of games out there that are clamoring for a game like this.

Needless to say, gamers will need to wait for a while before getting their hands on this title. Development is still in its early stages. There hasn’t been any mention of whether or not Dune Awakening will be free to play. Everything is still up in the air in that regard. Even though there are still some questions about the gameplay mechanics, it can be easy to glean from the trailer. Hopefully, there will be some parkour features, which will enable players to climb various cliffs and mountains on Arrakis. Not to mention scaling the walls of fortresses. Of course, anything is possible at this point. There are a lot of potential features for this game that is fun to think about. Meanwhile, it appears that the movies and books will have to hold people over for some time.

Lord of Sand

As of right now, there isn’t a release date locked in for Dune Awakening. It will most likely take another two to three years before this game could be fully playable. However, there is a Beta planned that players can sign up for at the developer’s website. This will be announced fairly soon. Once this game is released, it will be available solely for next-generation consoles and PC. Hopefully, the developers will at least drop a gameplay trailer in the near future to help give gamers insight into how this game will play.

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