How To Make A Fallout Vault Boy Nail Board

I’m not 100% sure what all of you are planning to do this weekend but if you have some spare time you might want to consider taking a stab at making a Fallout Boy nail board.  I know, it sounds glorious but seriously, if you’ve ever felt like upping your game in the decor department, this could be a solid way to do so.

In a 14 picture series one Imgur user shows us how it’s done.  You don’t need very many materials and you can probably bang this out in a few hours.  Other than that, you might want to highlight your conquest by actually playing Fallout Boy and listening to sound clips from the game.  That just happens to be a suggestion.

Maybe you could play some kind of Fallout boy drinking game?  Anyway, enjoy the photos below:

Photos via Imgur

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