Don’t Catch ‘Em All


If I worked in public health like my wife, this is probably what my presentation posters would look like.

Someone got the great idea of using Pokemon to represent various STDs, and in doing so, chose the Pokemon that somehow, some way, do indeed look the most like STDs.¬†I love how Herpes has the most HP because it’s the most resilient.

I’m assuming this is like a high school project, in which case I hope the student in question got a A triple plus for making STDs relevant to the youth of our day. Wait, you’re telling me the cool kids who are actually¬†having sex to catch STDs don’t play Pokemon? My, how times have…totally not changed at all.

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  1. Haha awesome. This could also be something for a college dorm, like the various bulletin boards I had to create when I got caught drinking.

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