Five Kick Ass Video Game Movie Fan Trailers

I don’t want you guys to get mistaken here.  I’m not talking about trailers to video games that were turned into movies.   I’m talking about fans that go out of their way to make movie trailers based on video games.  So it’s as if the video game were a movie itself.

There are some pretty creative people out there and you’d be surprised at some of the concepts that people have come up with here.

Check out the five examples

The Legend of Zelda

This is a video that IGN released a few years back that got a lot of kudos.   It may not be the greatest trailer of all time but remember that the beats it takes are pretty darned good.   If this in fact were a real trailer I know I’d be pretty pumped.

Monkey Island

One of the best gaming/media experiences ever, as well as one of the most fantastic comedic achievements in video game history get their own trailer in this fan-splice of Monkey Island using Guybrush Threepwood’s voice and scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean.  This is pretty funny if I do say so.


How could I leave out Tetris?  Never did I think an actual trailer could capture all that is Tetris but these guys did a pretty decent job.   And why did this work? It’s because it’s cheesy, it’s 90’s and completely ridiculous. Stretching reality and throwing around a concept like they do in this trailer is exactly the type of crap they would pull if it were 1992 and a studio was forced to make a Tetris movie.

Pac Man

Wow.  I wish I had this kind of creativity.  They turn Pac-Man psychological thriller where a man must eat a series of pellets, and keep doing so or his head will explode. The side effects of the pills come when the man is on them, and he can’t take them head on, but instead must run intelligently through the world avoiding them.  Incredible.

Mega Man

With the barrage of not only memorable characters in this trailer, as well as the plot to do something with a purpose, this trailer makes it feel like the first of a series of films, and not so much a whole film. Some great film franchises start like that, though, and I would 100% see this in theatres (if it had better production value).

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