Today, Your Workplace is Tristam


As most of you are currently on Unreality to avoid work and/or school, why not spice up your office and/or classroom by turning it into Tristam?

It’s hard not to feel visible pangs of nostalgia after loading up this theme, and it should make your work environment a decidedly more awesome place.

What state will Tristam be in Diablo 3? I would like a boss battle there please.

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  1. Oh you poor soul, not in the beta. Tristram itself is all trashy, buildings burnt and falling apart, but everything is there up to and including agatha’s hut. Everything seems a bit farther apart though, and the chapel seems huge and has a garden.

    Now they just have New Tristram, down the road. It’s just meh.

    Oh and Deckard Cain is still alive.


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