Three Video Game Franchises That Need to Go on Hiatus


Sometimes things just need to go away for a while to make us want them again. Last week Activision announced its long dormant Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise is coming back to consoles soon. Awesome right?? But there was a time when many were asking “How many of these games do we need?” (My last foray was Tony Hawk’s Underground 2). I’m this way now with a number of re-occurring franchises. Here are 3 I’d like to see go on hiatus.

Assassin’s Creed

Yeah that’s right Assassin’s Creed you need to take a serious 5, and just chill for a couple years. The present time story featuring Desmond whimpered its last breath with AC 3 (followed by the longest credits sequence ever). I loved what Black Flag did adding full blown sailing, but the overall parkour was still wonky, missions remained stale, and combat was exactly the same. Right now is the perfect time to put this franchise on ice. Ubisoft just released 2 new additions, (Unity for current gen and Rogue for previous) and reviews are somewhat mediocre, criticizing the same things everyone has been getting bored by for a while.

I’d love to see AC take at least a 3 year break, and come back with a new story featuring no present time, Abstergo, or Animus at all. Rather just have it based in a historically rich time, featuring a focused narrative, with new combat and fluid parkour mechanics. Too much to ask?

Call of Duty

I kind of feel bad for COD. Not because it brings in a bajillion dollars a year, but because it has to keep trying to top itself yearly in sales that are insane!! It’s the game on top of the mountain (made of cash). Every company wants to make their own version and emulate its mechanics, but they also take pot shots at it. People blame COD for stifling creativity in the industry which isn’t really fair to COD as a game, but it is true pertaining to the business model built around it. Like AC new iterations are being released yearly, and that’s just too many releases too close together.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Boy where do I start with this one? I’m not even going to go into which games I believe are good and bad. All I know is that the Blue Blur has been suffering from an image problem for a while. I’ll always have a soft spot for him. I remember beating Sonic 2 when I was 9! It felt like I’d been crowned king, but enough is enough. Is he even relevant anymore? He’s been a mess since the Genesis days; huge dips in quality, crazy side characters, and weird game play mash ups.  I don’t think Sega even knows what he is supposed to be anymore.  Sonic has the name, and potential to make a triumphant comeback years down the line, but in order for whoever to pull that off he needs to disappear for a while (I’m talking full console life cycle here).

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  1. As much as I love the series (and this site does as well) I’d like to see Pokemon go on a hiatus for a bit. After Ruby and Sapphire: Greek Versions are released, just lay low for a couple years and then BAM, come out with the biggest one yet

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