Garrus and Tali Hoodies Cool, But Could Be Cooler


At long last, Bioware has come out with a pair of officially licensed Mass Effect “costume hoodies,” if you want to call them that. There’s a blue armored one for Garrus, and a purple and grey Tali on. I usually don’t go for stuff like this, but I think these are pretty well done.

The Tali one especially works because she wears a hood in the game, so when you have you’re own up, you’re cool as shit. And you actually have a visible face, so you have a one up on her.

But the Garrus one isn’t quite as recognizable, and I think there’s a texture problem with both of these. They need to be more than just a flat print of the armor pattern. They need at least a little bit of a fabric layering to capture some of that armor depth. But I suppose at $68 a piece even like this, such a thing would have rocketed the price up even higher. See more pictures below via Geek Pinata.





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