Silent Hill Tattoo is Badassanity


This Silent Hill drew such mixed emotions in me, I had to invent an entirely new word to describe it: Badassanity.

It’s badass because well, that’s some seriously sick art, and I love elaborate full back tattoos that are well done and aren’t full of awful colors. But it’s also completely insane because you got an entire back tattoo of Silent Hill monsters. Like, what? Do people love the villains of Silent Hill THAT MUCH? Well, this guy does.

How exactly do you explain that to a girl you’re dating? Just hope she pulls off her shirt and has full mural of Resident Evil zombie on her chest?

[via Fashionably Geek]

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  1. The nurse is from SH, but the upper right is from Hellraiser, below that is one of Clive Barker’s Tortured Souls (I’m pretty sure). Not 100% on the top guy, but I don’t recognize him from SH either. Still a pretty sweet tattoo though.

  2. Meh. No Pyramid Head? No creepy Eileen? No Lisa Garland? Not even Alessa?
    Maybe I’m just more partial to the Team Silent series (SH1-4), but still.
    Without the Nurse, Silent Hill would have never crossed my mind from glimpsing this tattoo.

  3. Which isn’t to say that the tattoo isn’t an impressive work of art…
    Just that the Silent Hill fanboy in me is somewhat irked by the lack of obvious Silent Hill references.

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