Debate of the Day: Will You Buy Black Ops 2?

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By now I imagine you’ve heard all about Black Ops 2, how Treyarch is “reinventing” the series by taking it to the “near-future” in 2025 when wars are fought entirely by robots. But not cool, Terminator robots, just like boring drone planes and stuff that get hijacked by terrorists and turned against the US.

It’s a “bold” new direction if you think that boldness involves changing from what your series has done for years and into something that OTHER series have done for years. But that said, it is different enough where fans might view it as a “new” experience for the series.

Is it going to sway you? I hate to admit it, but it’s  just enough to get me to pick it up. What can I say? I love the future. But really, even with this being my job, if Black Ops 2 was set during the Cold War or some other similar boring locale, I probably would have skipped it. But the future? I do want to see how COD mechanics translate into the era, though I have a distinct feeling that even if the skins are all changed and the guns makes slightly different noises, it’s going to be exactly the same game. But with horses.

Have you finally exhausted your time with Call of Duty, or does the future setting give it a bit more life? What would be a change to the series to truly get you interested again, if you no longer play it?

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  1. Yes, I am tired (or winding down) on the COD brand. But I was actually surprised with what Treyarch did with Black Ops. IMO, it was the most balanced of the COD game since MW1 and Treyarch best CoD game to date, granted that isn’t saying much since they were all garbage.

    So, having my time cut short with MW2 and having skipped the mess that is MW3….I’m ready to see what they do to Black Ops 2. It can’t get any worse then MW3, can it?

  2. One idea that I’ve heard that would get me excited is to make it played strictly in the US and have the protagonists be cops and SWAT teams that take down thugs and what not. It’ll never happen though. Soldiers are more “disposable” in the eyes of too many consumers. I probably won’t pick up black ops unless the reviews are just ASTOUNDING. I am probably in the minority but I think call of duty, and pretty much all shooters for that matter, have gotten overly complicated. I want a game just like COD4 with only three killstreak rewards that weren’t customizable, so it was basically just you and a gun. I doubt we’ll ever get that again though because that’s a step backwards and everything has to go forwards now, no matter what.

  3. I’ll rent it and beat it in the 6 hours it takes to play these games. The multiplayer will most likely be the same stuff, so I can skip that.

  4. Why cant games ever involve any other country getting fucked up? I mean its cool playing in cities iv been to like detroit and new york… But its getting a little old. Why cant we blow up the canucks? Or the britisth for once? Shit why not blow up russia (No Russian was really fun in BlOps tho).

    To the point. I understand US is the only country with technology and ability to make these sweet things that could cause us terror, but im pretty damn sure no damn Terrorist could hijack em.

  5. I think this time I’ll wait till Steam has some deal for 50% off or something. I have all the other ones and I’ve gotten distressed with the over-usage of the killstreaks. I remember when kill streaks meant you had the privilege of hearing some announcer call you “godlike”. I feel like whenever I get into a MW3 match there will be a point where I quickly die 3-4 times in a row from the constant killstreaks and grenade lobbing before I can find adequate shelter and start fighting back. Maybe I’ve just finally gotten over the whole online multiplayer thing. I don’t even like PvP on RPGs. Like I said, I might still get the game but only for a unique singleplayer format and story, not the multiplayer. Personally, Bioshock: Infinite will be my next FPS purchase, even if it has been delayed.

  6. Nope. Gonna wait till my friends get it and play a couple rounds with them and see how it works out. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Treyarch CoD games. The graphics were never as gorgeous as Infinity Ward’s series. Game play felt broken online. Too many things wrong with them.

  7. The only way I’ll get it is if they include all the zombie maps they’ve previously had like they did with the first Black Ops and that was why I bought that one.

  8. will not buy another treyarch games. i might consider it for zobies alone, but treyarch doesnt seem to have the engine to make the visual and audio aspects of the game enjoyable. Brown Ops 1 was an ok game, but def the worst of the COD’s

    The real issue here has become the revolving dollar signs. if they would wait 2 years between releases, maybe they have the time to make them better…but of course, then they wouldnt make billions each year…

  9. To me Treyarch has made the best of all the COD’s. They have have a certain charm to them. The biggest selling point for Blackops2 for me will be the Zombie modes. Maybe a campaign devoted completely to this mode would be awesome. Also i really enjoyed Combat Training, myself being really crap at multi-player found CT awesome. So i will buy it for Zombies alone.

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