Thymesia is a New Bloodborne Inspired IP with QTE Features

Thymesia is a new ‘Soulsbourne’ title being developed by OverBorder Studio. This game is a gothic romp centered around a crushing difficulty to test even the most hardened gamers. Even though players are busy with Elden Ring at the moment, there will come a time to move on to different pastures and Thymesia might be a suitable choice. This game is about a kingdom that thrives in the forbidden art of alchemy. Everything from its infrastructure to technology operates within this practice. Of course, with alchemy comes a hefty price, and when the people of these lands try to cease this operation, things backfired. Now, beasts roam the streets, and protagonist Corvus must venture out to set things right. There is a lot to digest with this game and there is much more to it than just being around Souls-like incarnation. This game is a much more intimate journey with the main character and players will be delving into his background along with the mythos surrounding the kingdom.

Of course, the main gameplay component will revolve around the art of alchemy. Players have surely dabbled in this feature in other games like The Witcher and Skyrim. However, to devote an entire outing around it is something rather unique. Corvus will wield the intricate powers of famine to smite his foes. Being the master of the plague and other diseases, this character will indeed be a formidable foe toward the evil that lurks in this morbid world. Thusly, Corvus will also come with a slew of melee weapons to lock blades with. With the nimble agility of a super-powered ninja, this character can traverse the area and fight with cat-like reflexes. His fighting skills are deep and players can experiment with all manners of combos and abilities. Even though there are quite a few of action-RPGs of this caliber in the market today, Thymesia seems to have some bite to it.

Praise the Moon

The character of Corvus is an enigma, for sure. This was a deliberate design choice from the developers. Players will jump into this character’s skin without knowing much about him. Throughout the course of this adventure, players will slowly peel away the mystery of this protagonist. With every boss defeated, Corvus will obtain a memory of his past, gradually remembering who and what he is. There will be a ‘choice-based system’ in Thymesia, which basically reflects what type of memory is unlocked and, ultimately, forges a particular ending. Yes, there will be multiple endings in this game, providing an incentive to have multiple playthroughs. Given that the combat has the same hyper-active swordsmanship as the Devil May Cry games, and the slow tacticity of the ‘Souls’ games, gamers won’t mind playing more than once. Based on what was shown in the trailer, the combat looks rather heart-pumping, satisfying, and fun.

Corvus will have the power to summon energy weapons like a glowing scythe or hammer on the fly. Naturally, there will be upgrades to unlock to enhance Corvus’s fighting skills and alchemy trick bag. He will also have the ability to morph into a raven. Players can use it to get around the map and even mix things up during combat. Additionally, the raven can shoot dart-like feathers to take out enemies. This mode can help with retreating during turbulent situations and even being a scout. The combat very much has that tense, intimate struggle found in Bloodborne and other FromSoftware titles. However, there appears that battles are also be peppered with cinematic takedowns and even QTEs during boss fights. Blocking, parrying, and dodging will all also play a pivotal factor in fighting in this game, of course.

Slick with the Sick

The peculiar bosses in Thymesia will all have the reoccurring theme of sickness and disease. Giant bats, corrupted knights, and overpowered mutants will all line up to have a piece of Corvus. Once players defeat a boss, they will harness whatever sickly cored power they had and use it against other foes. The character of Corvus will generally be a blank slate during the start of the game. Players can mold him to be whatever “class” they prefer. Hence, players can make Corvus a living embodiment of whatever playstyle they excel at. When it comes to action-RPGs, this is standard fare. Thymesia is certainly no exception. There appears to be quite a bit of leeway when it comes to fighting, complete with a variety of exotic melee weapons, alchemy, and mana.

In a weird way, players can also craft their own ending. As mentioned before, Thymesia comes with multiple endings which are solely dependent on which memories are unlocked. There is a deep lore to unravel with this game and players will be enticed to explore every nook and cranny throughout this gnarled kingdom. The developers are making a rather interesting world in which alchemy reigns supreme. This hasn’t really been done before to that degree. Being the master of illness and disease and using weapons that are associated with famine is an interesting proposition. Coupled with a nice-looking combat system and alluring art design, Thymesia has a lot of things going for it. This title has been in development for some time and things have been pretty quiet for a while. Hopefully, development is going smoothly and gamers can take a stab at this new dark world pretty soon.

Dark Disease

There is still much to discover with Thymesia. The developers are quietly piecing together this new and interesting world. The trailer that was dropped a while ago definitely did provide a good insight on how this game will play. In terms of combat, it looks like it is taking things to the next level within the Soulsborne game sub-genre. The new cinematic swordplay and QTEs that Thymesia will have will give it its own personality and flavor. There is currently no date locked in place for the release of this game. However, when it drops it will be a PC exclusive and there is no word on whether or not it will shift over to consoles.

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