World War 3 will be Re-Released as a Free-to-Play Game Soon

World War 3 is a tactical FPS shooter from developer The Farm 51 that has been out for a while. Even though there is a slew of familiar titles out there, this IP comes with a level of depth that’s akin to Escape From Tarkov with its customization. Ever since its initial launch back in October of 2018, this game has been steadily increasing in popularity. Yes, it has had a niche group of players digging their heels into it for the last few years, but it’s now aiming to become a little more accessible for a wider demographic. The starting price for this game was fairly reasonable back when it dropped, now the developers are re-releasing this game as a free-to-play title.

A Closed-Beta Test kicked off back in November of last year and it gave a new generation of players a good feel on how everything operates. Unfortunately, World War 3 is no longer available for purchase on Steam. The developers had it removed back in August of 2020. Luckily, the servers are still active and it’s still being updated to this day. So, if someone bought the game during its original release, they can still play it. However, since this game is going to be free-to-play this shouldn’t be much of a problem because the flood gates are about to be opened. Even though this title seems to have the same look and feel as its kin, it actually has some fresh ideas of its own that give it its own identity.

Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast

World War 3 is generally played at a much slower pace than Call of Duty. The maps are a little more sprawling in scope and there’s a variety of nooks and crannies to hide in. The gameplay here encourages ducking for cover and taking pop shots toward the opposition. It feels a little more grounded and seedy than its counterparts. The maps are based on actual countries and there is a sense of realism to them. Squad-based gameplay is key and players will need to stick together to overcome their enemies. There are even vehicles to jump into that put a new layer to the combat mechanics. Armored behemoths like tanks will be commonplace as well as smaller wheels to zip around in such as four-wheelers. In fact, the maps may be a little too big for some players. It can be difficult to find the other teams and running from one end of a map to the other end can be frustrating. Hopefully, the free-to-play aspect of this game will fatten up the servers and make the matches feel more action-packed.

Even though there is a lot of military FPS’s out there, the best comparison that World War 3 has will be with the Battlefield games. The move set is very much the same. Players can sprint, climb, crouch, and be prone. Thus, they can even lean around corners to light up an enemy. The weaponry is vast and it is based on real-life firearms. There is even a weight system that will need to be tended to that can affect the gameplay. The ballistics for every firearm was consulted with military professionals to ensure a real experience with gunfire. All of the weapons are riddled with customization parts that can go on for miles. Naturally, players will need to grind and level up before they can unlock what they want. Just note that every gun will need to be leveled up individually to unlock accessories for that particular weapon. There are all kinds of scopes, skins, magazine sizes, and other goodies to try out. All of the accessories do indeed come with varying stats and players are free to mix things up to create their own unique loadout. Gamers who take pleasure in dressing up their armament will find great joy with this title’s customization options. There is a ton of it and it provides and nice little incentive to keep playing.

Trigger Fingers

Even though the CBT had a variety of issues, the developers are taking things into consideration. There is nothing particularly game-breaking attached to this game. Things like a studdering framerate and clipping issues seem to be peppered throughout the Beta. However, the biggest complaint was the fact that it takes forever to find a match. This could be due to the fact that the player base is pretty limited right now. Whatever the case, if a player manages to get into a match, they will find that there is a handful of game modes to dig into. Sure, there’s the standard “Deathmatch Mode” which is always a classic, but the real meat of World War 3 will be found in other modes. They are generally 20v20 which are broken up into smaller squads. Other games enable players to highlight and paint certain objectives, but with this game, only the leader can do that.

The biggest game mode is “Tactical Ops.” This basically like a standard “Conquest Mode,” but the kicker is that in order to accumulate points, two areas must be captured simultaneously. There will also be a “Battle Royale” game mode called “Tactical Royale” in which players will play as the recon class while trying to outwit each other. Other additions will be drones that can be used as airstrikes and delivery systems. Thus, players will also be able to change up their loadout during the heat of battle with a “backpack” feature. There will also be real-time body damage to a player’s avatar and also the vehicles. On top of that, there is also a meta-game feature that shows which areas have been overtaken through an overworld map. Therefore, this game will be a constant tug-of-war of conquering other teams’ territories. There is a lot of ambition here and this game is shaping up to be something quite special.

Uphill Battle

Even though World War 3 has been out for a number of years, giving this game a new breath of life is a welcomed addition. Players who are getting burned out with Battlefield and its ilk should give this IP a try. There will be an Open-Beta Test launching this March which will be a good opportunity for curious gamers to sink their teeth into this shooter. This game is currently a PC exclusive and there is no word whether or not this will come to consoles. Hopefully, the developers will make World War 3 a cross-platform title to expand its fan base and hopefully revitalize the servers.

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