Battle Royale Meets Scott Pilgrim

battle royale

Man, it’s been awhile since I’ve even thought about Battle Royale, a movie that I used to love so much it was even a Halloween costume at one point. It’s a classic to be sure, but one that doesn’t get a whole lot of press nowadays. Until they remake it for American audiences that is, likely slapping a PG-13 rating in the process. Wait, what’s a Hunger Games?

In any case, the post above shows nearly every kill from the movie, rendered in Scott Pilgrim animation style. I guess that’s a spoiler, in a way, but in a movie where like 50 asian kids die, it’s probably not giving all that much away in reality, as you can’t match most of the cartoons to actual faces unless you’ve seen the movie 10 times like me.

The post exists courtesy of the Alamo Drafthouse which is showing the film for the low low price of $85 a ticket. Wait, seriously? No wonder 85 out of 85 seats are still left.

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