Our Ten Favorite Call of Duty Maps

Throughout the years Call of Duty has been known to be a juggernaut in the multiplayer field. It could be said that Call of Duty defined the multiplayer scene as we know it today. Many remember Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare being the first multiplayer game that they truly put time and effort into. The eSports scene that it brought, late-night lobby trash talk, and the snipe montages. It was revolutionary. Well, its popularity has only increased since then. Nowadays Call of Duty is a yearly release that boasts millions of sales. So we’ve decided to take a stroll down memory lane and look back at some of the maps that really left an impact on us. Maps that we love. Maps that we’ve played time and time again. These are our favorite Call of Duty maps throughout the years.


Rust first made its appearance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and it is a smaller map that was widely used for one on ones back in the day. Who doesn’t remember the fond memories of going online and getting top of the leaderboard only to be called out into a one-on-one by some random person in the match? Those were the days. Getting called out and taken straight to Rust. Rust is smaller but offers enough variety in it to make it feel tactical. It is probably one of the greatest maps ever designed due to how it would put you back into the action almost immediately but it wouldn’t feel like it would spawn you in the middle of a gunfight.


Terminal is perhaps the most iconic Call of Duty map, besides Nuketown. It puts you in an airport terminal full of luggage and abandoned airplanes. With its many tight corridors and hiding spots, it makes it one of the most fun maps to traverse to get the leg up on your opponent. You can enter a few of the planes but battles in here are deadly since it’s such a narrow pathway. Terminal is also iconic for being the location where the mission No Russian took place. For fans of the series, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Probably the most controversial mission to date and for good reason.


If you want fast-paced action with little or no place to hide then Shipment is where you want to be. This map is so popular that it has been remastered multiple times to the dismay of many. Even though this map is a lot of fun and it’s highly regarded as a fan favorite, it can be a bit much. Shipment literally has nowhere to hide. You’re in a shipyard with a bunch of containers. The map has two horizontal corridors and two vertical ones. This means that getting from one end of the map to the other takes about 5 seconds. This also means that every corner is just a grenade throw away.


I remember the first time I ever stepped foot into Highrise I was greeted by a pair of akimbo Model 1887’s. It’s another medium-sized map that places you on the roof of a building with a helicopter launch pad. It’s the lower roof of a much larger building so you’re still able to enter the buildings. The map is beautiful and it was a great spot for 360 no scopes to happen.


Summit has managed to make its way back into Call of Duty time and time again. It’s a snowy map with cable cars. It’s a listening post in the mountains so there a lot of computers and satellites scattered around the map. It’s a medium-sized map but the spawn points themselves are pretty large so it’s easy to get spawn trapped. This reminds me of the original Black Ops day and how good it felt to spawn trap a team and get all your killstreaks. A predator missile on Summit when the other team is barely spawning in is a beautiful feeling.


Favela takes place in the alleyways of Brazil which means the tightest corridors the series has ever seen and a beautiful array of buildings. Favela is a colorful map that just pops. It has a soccer court, newspaper stands, and an interesting layout that makes it fun in just about any mode.


This one really doesn’t need much of an explanation. Nuketown is perhaps the most iconic Call of Duty map and it isn’t even close. Over the years we’ve seen most new iterations of Call of Duty release their own version of Nuketown. From the original nuclear testing ground out in the middle of nowhere we’ve seen a snow version, a futuristic version, and we’ve even seen it as its very own Call of Duty Zombies map. Matches here don’t really take long either. It requires you to bring your A game and really have some quick reactions because you never really know where you’re going to get shot from.


Crash features a downed helicopter in the middle of a deserted town where objective games really shine. It makes for some very competitive games and really punishes those who think that running down the middle of the map and trying to run and gun is the ideal way to go. It isn’t, we’ve tried it.


Breach takes us to downtown Egypt. I’m talking about the Black Ops 3 map Breach which cemented itself on this list due to being our favorite competitive map. Due to the gameplay of Black Ops 3, every map is designed with places to wall run. Breach really takes the cake for how well placed these outer walls are and how much they can affect the gameplay.


Combine is another one of our favorite Black Ops 3 maps and it takes us to a small outpost in the Sahara Desert. It features a pretty compact area even in Black Ops 3 terms. There was only one area where you could fall off the map and you could use it to wall run and flank opponents. So it required players to be wary of their back even when focused on the fight in front of them.

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