That Guy Actor of the Week: B.D. Wong

Where do we even start with B.D. Wong?  I feel like this guy has been around forever.   I can’t believe that he’s over 50 years old right now.  Even more amazing is the fact that the dude still looks like he’s in his 30s.

Wow.  You know what’s amazing?  I had no idea his first movie was Karate Kid II.  I even remember the part where he goes “you coming to the dance tonight?”  And that was his only line.

Other than the movie though, I particularly liked him in Father of the Bride and The Freshman.   Now he’s more known for his character George Huang in Law and Order:  Special Victim’s Unit.

But Wong’s been around a while and I’m suprised we haven’t posted him yet.   A great clip of Wong

The wonderful assistant to Franck.  Howard Weinstein!

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  1. Coincidentally enough, I’ve just finished reading M. Butterfly, a play written by David Henry Hwang (and later made into a film by David Cronenberg, with Jeremy Irons), and the first performance of the play included B.D. Wong and John Lithgow.

  2. He actually came to my boarding school to give a talk during the weekly all-school meeting. Afterwards, the administration sent out a mass voicemail to everyone apologizing for his profanity. I think he used the word “ass” a lot.

  3. When I went to IMDB and saw he was in Jurassic Park, it took me a while to remember him. That’s because he looked THE EXACT SAME as he does now, which is really weird since that was 18 years ago.

  4. Gotta love that man! Great thing is he is still getting steady work he landed a role as a psychiatrist in that new show Awake which looks really good.

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