A Scale Comparison of Every Fictional Starship Ever (Almost)


(click for the enormous version)

Alright, so what you’re looking at might be a bit of a scrunched blur, but it’s actually a massive size comparison of every fictional spaceship that’s probably going to cross your mind.

From Star Wars to Star Trek to Firefly to BSG to everything in between, this shows just how big all these ships are compared to one another. It’s not the first one of these I’ve seen, but it’s far and away the most extensive, and I can’t even count how many ships are actually on here.

The artist is Dirk Loechel, so snaps for him for putting this monstrosity together.

[via Geekologie]


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  1. A good one is missing from the Star Wars expanded universe. Yuuzhan Vong Worldships were around 100km in diameter. That’s more than four times as wide as the biggest ship in this picture.

  2. I was looking forward to seeing the Death Star as well, but also realized, as already stated, that it is called a space station by Obi-wan (sorry, spoilers!) but also consider it is called a battle station by one of the imperial commanders. I think it belongs on this poster, but I really think it would shrink everything else down to the point of being pointless.

  3. The Death Star should be included. Space station, battle station, whatever… It can move through space through under it’s own power, therefore, it is a starship.

  4. They show a lot of the major/large ships…but what about starfighters? The small fighting ships? They don’t show any of those in this picture. Trust me, I searched the whole thing in the close-up view.

      1. Technically yes, but it’s also one of the most iconic space vehicles of all time. Also, it moves on its own power, to where it is directed, like when it flew to Aldoran and destroyed it, so it’s a bit of both.

  5. Is Red Dwarf on there? I didn’t look that extensively, but I’m curious to see the size comparison, because Red Dwarf was good at explaining that it was “5 miles long” and low long it actually took to go between decks. Why do ships need to be that big?? Hell, the Borg Cube could already fit thousands!

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