Things Get Weird When Toy Story Meets The Shining

Toy Shining 10

Toy Story is a series that hasn’t really veered into darkness, unless you count that part at the end of the third movie where it looked like all the toys were going to be incinerated and I wept openly in the theater.

Anyway, here’s one way to creep-ify the series just a bit, courtesy of artist Kyle Lambert. He’s taken to his iPad to paint a series of pictures where Toy Story meets the Shining, and it’s exactly as weird as you might imagine. All the most famous scenes are there, and you can check them out in the gallery below. “Here’s Woody!” may not sound quite as intimidating as the original, but when he gets that dark look on his face, I certainly wouldn’t want to mess with him.

Gallery starts now with a few more on Lambert’s site.

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