Girl of Steel

Girl of Steel 2

You may recognize the work of Jeff Chapman, the digital artist who gave us one hell of a portrait of Wonder Woman. Now, he’s turning his attention toward another female DC superhero who hasn’t yet gotten her own movie, Supergirl. Once someone gets a lady superhero movie right, and it makes money, expect to see a whole flood of them released, Supergirl included. Or a CW show at the very least.

It’s just amazing work here by Chapman, and you should check out the other pair of images in the series below. And there’s even more at Chapman’s DeviantArt page, as he does like drawing the ladies.

Girl of Steel 3

Girl of Steel 1

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  1. Uh, yeah, dude. What Bedig said. She had her own movie, brought to us by the Salkinds, who believed they had something REAL special on their hands … and it was GOD awful.

  2. Careful Paul, it can’t be unseen …or you might think it’s one of those “So bad it’s good” movies. Your best bet is to make a drinking game out of it and liveblog that…

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