Movie Recommendation of the Week: Gleaming the Cube

I feel like it’s been a very long time since Christian Slater has been in the spotlight.  Save for some voice overs when’s the last time you really saw this guy in a significant role?  It’s funny because looking at is IMDB profile he’s got plenty of stuff in post production but I don’t think any of these will be major movies.

I mean he was on The Office in 2010.  And he was the star of Hollow Man II!  Seriously though I think he last major movie was Very Bad Things which was in 1998.   Wow.  Could that be true?  14 years?  I sure hope not.   I kind of miss him.

Anyway, I want to bring up a classic flick he was in a while back called Gleaming the Cube.  It’s a skater movie from the late 90s with the following storyline:

Brian’s adopted brother is killed when he discovers that the shop he works in sends weapons to Vietnam instead of medications. To the police it looks like suicide, but Brian knows better so he skates off to investigate the murder himself.

Eh, it’s a fun movie.  Check it out.  Trailer after the jump….


Steven Bauer is in it!  Totally forgot about that.

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  1. @J5 Yeah, it was Tony Hawk and the bones brigade. I think he drove a pizza hut truck.

    I also think the movie used to be called “a brother’s love” or something along those lines. Gleaming the Cube sounds way cooler.

  2. This and Pump Up The Volume, where Christain Slater was a disenchanted underground radio DJ, pretty much defined my youth. Looking back, what a wasted youth. But damn, those movies were boss.

  3. Alright, who is going to be the first time to say it? Nattyb is so damned stuck in the 80s it is sickening. Get over it dude. Tassi can’t get past Pokemon and you can’t get past your adolescence.

    Man, it makes me never want to come back. But I always do, so I guess carry on.

    (Seriously. Too much more Pokemon and I am gone for good. I can’t take it).

  4. I guess as long as you learn the difference between it’s and its, and never EVER EVER say “try and” (should only be ‘try to’) then I’ll keep coming back for more.

  5. One of my favorite movies which sadly had me spending way too much on eBay in an attempt to get a DVD version and being stuck with a couple duds. I remember first seeing it about maybe 12 or 13 years ago at my mom’s house on one of the premium channels and just loving it for some reason. Good pick.

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