A Gallery of Hilarious/Awesome Thor Concept Art

Thor Concept Art 16


With each new superhero that comes (or returns) to the big screen, the problem crops of up how to revamp their appearance for a modern age while still retaining their classic look. I don’t think we’ve had to deal with too many atrocious superhero costumes as of late (with the except of obvious ones like Halle Berry’s Catwoman), but we might not have been so fortunate.

Here you’ll find the work that Massive Black did for Thor. They’re quite talented, as they did end up with the final product costumes we see in the film, but some of their concepts are absolutely absurd, and I love them. Above and below you’ll find designs for both Thor and the Ice Giants that didn’t make it into the film. I think it’s safe to say they went with the correct ideas in the end, but it’s fun to imagine what might have been. Check out the rest below:

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