Seven Fictional Metals We Wish Were Real

Badass Metals

Everybody knows that in certain places of the world, one is able to mine for precious materials like gold, silver, diamonds and a few others.  And while these materials are coveted by most consumers, they are generally not used as weaponry (unless you believe in werewolves). However, in comic books, movies, and even video games some precious materials are used for that exact reason.  Whether it’s for kicking ass, protection, or even preservation certain metals defintely have their place in the fantasy world.

Here are seven badass fictional metals.


Badass Metals

Probably the coolest of all the metals on this list (probably because Wolverine is definitely the most badass on the list),  adamantium is known as the almost indestructible metal that coats the skeleton and claws of Wolverine.  Clearly you need a pretty high budget if you want to use this priceless gem.  Other people known to use this metal are Lady Deathstrike, Gambit, and Bullseye.


Badass Metals

The metal used to freeze none other than Han Solo. In fiction it’s a metal alloy made from carbon.  It’s mixed with Tibanna gas,  compressed and flash frozen into blocks for transport.  Here’s the fullest, and most nerdy explanation.   In reality Carbonite is associated with PCs.


Badass Metals

Said to have been mined in Moria by the Dwarves, mithril is a classic substance used in J.R. Tolkien’s fantasy writings.  Its properties not only included looking similar to silver and being pleasing to look at, but it was nigh-on impervious, being the strongest of metals available and able to stop spears and arrows from piercing it


Badass Metals

From Tripbase

Necrodermis is the self-repairing “living metal” that both the C’tan and Necrons are encased in, in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Necrodermis not only repairs itself when it’s damaged, but is extremely durable and can alter its shape with ease. Good stuff to cover yourself in if you intend to wage war against the universe.


Badass Metals

Anyone here a World of Warcraft fan?  Well then you’ll know that the Scourge is a heavy user of this metal. It’s used to construct the majority of their war machines.  It displays a strong resistance to most magics.  While it is primarily the metal of choice for the Scourge, Saronite is also known to be made by blacksmiths outside of the Scourge.


Badass Metals

Clearly this isn’t real but if you look at one of Superman’s comics it was used to create Superman’s “Supermobile” and also the bars of Lex Luthor’s prison.


Badass Metals

This is the metal used to create Captain America’s shied.  It, like Adamantium is virtually indestructible.  Since the scientist created it with an unknown factor and he feel asleep in the lab, thankfully Vibranium hasn’t been duplicated.

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  1. You are kind of an idiot. No, a true idiot. –
    “while these materials are coveted by most consumers, they are generally not used as weaponry” –

    Every precious material we know of is used in weapons. Every weapon through history was made of materials considered to be precious at the time. Weapons are kind of the biggest things sparking innovation at any given time.

    When the hell can I have a job in which there is no accountability for what I claim to be truth.
    I wonder who is the bigger idiot though, he who writes this shit or the guy who reads such statements and then regurgitates the faulty info upon any who are willing to hang on his words thus furthering the spread of Walmart employee disease.
    (That is not a real disease unless you want to pay me money to say it is.)

  2. My hell! I have to write another comment! While I agree that carbonite is a bad ass material, that you referred to a lame data storage service as the real world equivalent is ignorant. Did you not do what they call a ‘google search’ to research before you wrote this? Dude, in our world we have a compound called carbonite that is far more bad ass. It is a successful explosive used in mining and today is found in most safety dynamite.

  3. Re: The Vibranium in Capatain America’s Shield.

    I’m sorry that I didn’t see this a year ago when this article was published, but Vibranium is available in large quantities in Wakanda, the ficitional African village ruled by the Black Panther. It is not indestructable, but it does absorb kinetic energy allowing it not to be damaged by being hit.

    The quirk in Capatin America’s Shield is that it is a mix of Vibranium and Adamantium that was combined by an X-factor when the scientist was asleep.



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