Crappy Must See Movie Recommendation of the Week: Blown Away (1992)

If you actually think I’d recommend the movie Blown Away with Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones then I think you really don’t understand the meaning of this column.   No, we’re talking about a movie with the same name that came out two years prior.

This is the awesomely crappy thriller starring Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, and the before implants Nicole Eggert.

Here is the Wikipedia synopsis of the film…

After her mother dies in a car accident, 17 year-old Megan (Nicole Eggert) lives a reckless lifestyle. She begins a relationship with Rich (Corey Haim), who works at her father’s (Jean LeClerc) ski resort. Wes (Corey Feldman), his womanizing half-brother, keeps trying to convince Rich that Megan is not what she seems. Megan is able to convince Rich that it was her father that killed her mother after many nights of sex. Rich becomes blinded by the potently sexual relationship and is in two minds about what to do.

There are a few reasons to watch this movie but really there’s one.  That reason is the sex scene with Haim and Eggert.  Yes, you actually see Corey Haim go down on Nicole Eggert.  How in the world did they let this slide and the movie still receive an R rating?  Unreal.

Other reasons?  Eh, not really.  Eggert is smoking in this film.  I could have gone without seeing Corey Feldman in a sex scene though.   Boy this movie was bad but such a must see.

Trailer below

This movie should have never made it to the theaters.  Wait, did it?

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