A Gallery of Amazing Video Game Watercolor Art

We feature so many artists on the site here, that sometimes they can kind of blend together. That won’t happen today however, with painter Wednesday Wolf who has a cool name, but an even cool art style that is exceptionally unique and all his own.

Again, I’m no master of the arts, but I believe most of these pieces are in watercolor, which gives them a signature sort of “nightmare” look that I find really cool.

Most of these are from video games, but a few aren’t, and the best part is that Wolf has an Etsy store where you can buy prints of any of these. I’m seriously thinking about  picking some up for my room, as there are plenty that suit my taste. You’ll see why once you check out the gallery.




Skull Kid

Ninja Turtle








Starting with Link and a bunch more on the next page!

  • Looks a lot like the art work of Marilyn Manson. Good stuff.

  • AlxH

    that luigi needs to be burnt

  • Sams

    raphael is bloody awesome!

  • G.Orchard

    Why does Belle look as if she’s had her right eye plucked out? Did she have an unfortunate encounter with “The Bride?”

    Nice work! 9 Tails is my favorite.

  • Alex

    All these remind me of is the artwork in the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books.

  • Jake Stone

    Very Ralph Steadman.

  • Jake Stone

    Of course, this was also a back-door way to get the daily Pokemon quota in here….

  • breno

    Great work.

    That Gengar was more of a Haunter, though.

  • huh

    No one notices the goomba?