A Gallery of Girls Who Actually Bought that R2D2 Swimsuit

A while back we featured perhaps the greatest leap forward in sci-fi swimwear in history, the R2D2 bathing suit (with a C-3PO counterpart). They were sold by the hipster-ish, but creative clothing company Black Milk, but now it seems that Lucas sent his copyright bounty hunters to assassinate their project, as the suits are no longer for sale on the site.

But that didn’t stop a bunch of girls from buying them when they were for sale, and if Lucas started having troops invade homes and snatch up swimsuits, I think he’d have a whole different set of problems on his hands.

So this post is a tribute to all the girls who were geeky enough to pick up the suit while it was still on sale. Normally one-pieces are for grandmas, but with how cool this one is, I’d take it over a bikini any day. Alright, that’s not true, but it’s still pretty great.

Check out the gallery below, many are from GeeksareSexy, but I tracked down more on my own.

  • I WANT ONE… or more of them.. plus the bathing suit!

  • Steve

    I wanna marry the redhead in pics 4 and 5.

  • You tracked down some more? Pervert! šŸ˜‰

  • Jim Jahey

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting anyone who actually bought the swimsuit to be nearly as good looking as these women

  • Matt

    My gf’s hot ass MILF cousin has one and she posted pics on her Fb. So damn hot.

  • Bob

    The thing that sucks about this though?? Now I watch Star Wars, and make everyone around me uncomfortable when I start muttering what I would do to “her” under my breath.

  • kenyon

    sir , excuse me sir but my i have another?

  • Martin

    I asked out one of these girls but all she said was “widdledy-diddledy-dee”. Does that mean yes or no?

  • Yautja

    Would a Boba Fett version be more or less hot than the R2 one?

  • Mr Cinema

    Where’s the link Matt? Don’t leave us hanging!

  • Seantheartist

    Oh, star wars, i love you so. The tattooed one and the one with the glasses are ever so cute!

  • NomadGnome

    I’m pretty sure #3 is an ex girlfriend of mine. Even those drapes look familiar….

  • Jonnie Darko

    1.#3(points for the pose, and the short hair suits her well)
    2.#4&#5(gotta love those tats, this woman is sexy and she knows it)
    3.#12(love the red hair, sort of looks like Haley Williams =hot)
    4.#9&#10(looks like she is dumb as shit, but she’s hot so who cares)
    5.#6(whole body shot, whole body is nice)
    6.#7(she looks a little young, so I didn’t want to put her at the top, but she’s not at the bottom of my list)
    7.#2(probably a milf, one hot momma)
    8.#1(ooooooh something about a girl with glasses)
    9.#8 (easy on the eyes but looks a bit awkward in her skin)
    10.#11(I’m sorry if it makes me seem racist but I prefer white chocolate, but I can still apreciate)
    These women are all beautiful, but some just more than others.

  • jaromir

    The only thing that bugs me about this is that being a “geek” is the “cool” thing, now of days.

  • Jaclyn

    Is anyone that has bought the bathing suit willing to sell theirs? I cannot find anywhere that is selling it online. The website that originally sold it no longer has it either. Please let me know, thanks!!

  • C-Robot

    One more for this list.


  • David

    Ok, right?

    “So this post is a tribute to all the girls who were geeky enough to pick up the suit while it was still on sale.”

    Yeah, since that kind of pattern has been on trend in the fashion industry it really takes a real geek to buy it. Why do you think no one bought the other suit? Oh, surprise surprise, it’s not fashionable! What a huge surprise. Not. Nothing against the suit, it’s cute, but to make it seem like some geeky statement (when Star Wars also happens to be one of the most appreciated triogys of all fucking time among everyone) just seems a bit… It’s like saying only geek kids played with Lego. Stupid.

    “Normally one-pieces are for grandmas, but with how cool this one is, Iā€™d take it over a bikini any day.”

    Yeah, so this is where you went: “Oh golly, I gotta write something which seems a bit cool, and yeah, uh, like uh, like I’m such a cool gal so I’ll take this lil’ retarded line from a high school movie and everyone will think I AKM SERIOUSLY THE SHIT BECAUSE I CAN SERIOUSLY DISH OUT ON GIRLS WHO WEAR ONE PIECES! Yeeeaaaauuurgh.”

    So lame. So boring. So stupid. So uneducated and retarded. Never coming back again. Ever.

    The girls look nice, though! Every single one of them!

    Oh, and again: Star Wars, one of the most eppreciated trilogys ever. Not some nerdy little small think. Please understand this, you retard. Because everyone else does.

  • David

    Oh and by the way. Were all the girls who sent in pictures skinny and attractive, or did you just censor the “grandmas”?

  • Dana

    Hey the last one with the red hair is me! ha ha Love it! I am a geek and I heart Star Wars so much that is why I bought this suit. The designer retired the design so unfortunately there are no more out there for sale, but it is by far my favorite swim suit ever!

  • Brian

    Dear Dana, not to be a complete and total creeper. But you look great and anytime you want to go out with a handsome charming guy in Brooklyn. Shoot me an email, I will take you out to a fancy dinner and then maybe laser tag. Or a water park, your choice. I figure this would be my only chance, on a comment board, on a site for guys to ogle girls in bathing suits… Yeah, nothing but class… Worth a shot.

  • MsMisha

    I would love to buy one of these….

  • Arielle

    I own this suit and am offended I am not on this website. I somehow made it to a Star Wars porn site, but not this one… WHY?

  • Chris

    I think the 8th one is my ex-girlfriend. damn, she still looks good

  • Andie

    @chris if your ex goes by the name Bob on Suicide Girls and is now covered in tats, then yes its her. There is two other girls on here that are actually suicide girls too. Kemper is the one with the tats on breasts and little dog, you can see a set of Kemper and Bob in these suits on the site in a set called “These are the droids you’re looking for” Radeo is the brunette in the white boots.

    I want this suit so damn bad and i cant find anywhere that sells it. Black Milk really needs to put it back on the market!!!

    Link to a picture of Bob and Kemper being super hot.

  • Matt

    Ermagherd. Eerterderter.